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The June 28th Primary Election is a process by which political parties will nominate candidates to represent their party in the November General Election. The election will be conducted mainly by mail, but there will also be Early Voting and Election Day Vote Centers available for in-person voting.

Rules for conducting partisan primary elections are established by the political parties, not the County Clerk's Office. In the November General Election, you will be eligible to vote for candidates of any political party regardless of your affiliation.

Please see below for links to additional information and answers to frequently asked questions.

What is a primary election?
A Primary Election is a process whereby political parties nominate candidates to represent their party in the November General Election. In contests where more than one candidate files for office to represent a party, a primary election is held to narrow the field to one candidate. Non-partisan local school board primary elections where candidates file without party affiliation can also be held in conjunction with the partisan primaries depending on the number of candidates who file for those offices. Voters may only participate in one party’s primary.

When will my ballot be mailed?
Ballots will be mailed out the week of June 6th to all active registered voters who have a primary election that pertains to their precinct and party affiliation. As voters update their addresses or register to vote, ballots will be mailed through June 17th.

Why didn't I receive a primary ballot?
Not every registered voter will receive a ballot for the primary election. Ballots will only be sent to voters who are affiliated with the Republican or Democratic parties (or who have requested a Democratic ballot) and who live in a district where a primary election is occurring. Ballots will also be sent to voters living in areas where non-partisan local school boards are conducting primary elections. If you have not received a ballot, it is likely that there is no primary in your area, or you are not affiliated with a party conducting a primary election this year.

I got the wrong ballot / Not the ballot I wanted.
Ballots are sent voters based on their home address and party affiliation. If you didn't receive the ballot you expected, please contact our office.

Why can't I vote in the Republican/Democratic primary?
To vote in a closed partisan primary election you must be affiliated with that political party, or you may request a ballot for an open party primary. In Utah the Republican Party requires voters to affiliate with their party to participate in their primary. The Democratic Party does not require voters to affiliate with their party to participate in their primary. If you didn't receive a Republican or Democratic ballot, you either don't belong to one of those parties or live in an area that does not have a partisan primary.

Can I affiliate with a party and vote in the primary?
If you are not currently affiliated with a political party, you may still affiliate with the Republican party before June 17th and receive a mail-in ballot for the Republican primary election. You can still affiliate after June 17th at an in-person vote center.

Or, if you reside in a district where a Democratic primary is being held, you may request to receive a Democratic primary ballot before June 17th without affiliating. You can still request a Democratic primary ballot after June 17th at an in-person vote center if you reside in a district where a Democratic primary is being held.

According to Utah law, voters who are already affiliated with a political party may not change their affiliation after March 31st to vote in another party's primary election.

For more information, visit our party affiliation page.

How can I check my ballot status?
You can view the status of your mail-in ballot by visiting the State of Utah's website.

You may also sign up to receive electronic notifications of your ballot status by visiting the BallotTrax website.

Where can I see which contests pertain to me?
You can look up your voter registration and see your sample ballot, including contests that pertain to you, by using our Voter Information Lookup Tool.

How can I return my mail-in ballot?
You may return your mail-in ballot one of three ways:

  1. By dropping it in any of the ballot drop boxes located throughout Salt Lake County. Ballots may be deposited until 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28th (Election Day.)
  2. By dropping it off at any in-person vote center on Election Day.
  3. By mailing it via USPS mail using the postage paid return envelope. Ballots must be postmarked by Monday, June 27th, the day before Election Day.

Can I get a new mail-in ballot?
If your ballot is lost or damaged, you may request a new one by emailing or calling the Election Division no later than June 21st.

I am leaving town on vacation. Can I get my ballot early?
By law mail-in ballots cannot be sent out earlier than 21 days before an election. Early voting locations are available for in-person voting starting two weeks before the election.

How can I change my address?
If you are moving within the county, you may change your voter registration address by calling or emailing our office and providing us with the updated address. If you are moving into Salt Lake County from another state or county, you will need to submit a new voter registration form.

What contests will be on my ballot?
A list of all contests in the 2022 Primary Election is below. You may also view a sample of your ballot, with the relevant contests, by using our Voter Information Lookup Tool.

What ID do I need to vote in person?
You can see a list of valid forms of identification here.

How can I receive my mail-in ballot?
If you are an active, registered voter a mail-in ballot will be sent to you for elections in which you are eligible to vote. If you don't receive a ballot but believe you should have, please contact our office.

How can I register to vote?
You may register to vote online, by returning a paper voter registration form to the Election Division, or you may register in-person at a vote center. More details are available on our Voter Registration page.

How often do I need to register?
Once you have registered to vote in the State of Utah, you will need to re-register if you move out of the county or State. You will also need to re-register if your registration has lapsed by not voting in the last two presidential elections.

Am I eligible to vote in Utah?
To register you must: 1) be a citizen of the United States; 2) reside in Utah for at least 30 days immediately before the next election; 3) be at least 18 years old on or before the General Election. (Note: a 17-year-old may vote in a Primary Election if they will turn 18 years old on or before the date of the General Election.)

Where can I vote in person?
Follow these links to view the locations of all Early Voting and Election Day Vote Centers.

2022 Primary Contests

Democratic Contests
Utah State Senate #9
Utah State Senate #13
Utah State Senate #14
Republican Contests
US Senate
US House of Representative #1
US House of Representatives #2
US House of Representative #3
US House of Representatives #4
Utah State House #41
Utah State House #45
Utah State House #46
State School Board #4
County Council District #5
Non-Partisan Contests
(Contests will appear on partisan ballots where applicable)
Canyons School Board #5
Canyons School Board #6
Granite School Board #5
Salt Lake School Board #3

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