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  • Salt Lake County Clerk
    Election Division

    2001 S State Street, #S1-200
    PO Box 144575
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
    Hours 8:00 – 5:00 M -F
    Closed state and federal holidays

      385-GOT-VOTE (385-468-8683)
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    If an election is being conducted by mail, you simply need to be a registered voter in Salt Lake County in order to receive a by mail ballot. All registered voters are sent ballots and prepaid return envelopes for Vote by Mail Elections.

    If an election is not being conducted by mail, you can receive a Vote by Mail Ballot on a permanent basis by submitting an application or indicating on a voter registration form. You may download a vote by mail application from our website. Voter Registrations forms can also be downloaded, or can be completed online HERE. You may mail, fax or email your application to the Clerk’s Office. You have the option of voting by mail for a single election or on a permanent basis.

    Your application must be received in the Clerk’s Office no later than the Thursday prior to Election Day.  

    If you have moved within Salt Lake County, call our office during business hours to update your address. You may also update your address by completing an online voter registration or downloading a mail-in voter registration form – both are available on our website.

    Ballots must be mailed to a registered voter’s residential or mailing address. We cannot give or mail ballots to anyone other than the voter.

    Ballots are mailed approximately 3 weeks before an election. Ballots cannot and will not be forwarded by the post office.

    If you have not received your ballot within 10 days after they are mailed, call our office. Your voter registration will be checked to ensure that the information is correct. If the address is correct, a replacement ballot will be sent. If your information has changed, your registration will need to be updated and a new ballot will be sent.

    Take your blank ballot and return envelope with you to the Vote Center. Give your un-voted, unsigned ballot and envelope to Voter Center staff. You will be allowed to vote on the electronic voting machine.

    **Use a black or blue ball point pen. Completely fill in the oval.**

    • Follow directions carefully.
    • Read the entire ballot before filling it out.
    • Remove the stub on the top of the ballot.
    • Sign the voter affidavit on the back of the return envelope.
    • Lost or damaged ballots can be replaced by contacting the Election Office.

    If you make a mistake marking your ballot, cross through the incorrect oval and name. Fill in the correct oval; circle both the oval and the name of the correct choice. Make your intent clear. Remember! Do not sign or initial your ballot!

    No. Ballots may be returned to any early voting location, any Vote Center, a ballot drop box, or in our office.

    No! There should only be one ballot in each envelope because we must have an affidavit signature for each ballot. If there are two ballots in one envelope, both ballots are invalid because we cannot know which ballot the affidavit applies.

    The signature on that affidavit, confirms your identity as the voter who voted the ballot. We compare the signature on the affidavit to your signature on your voter registration form.

    Complete a new registration form with your signature and submit it to the Salt Lake County Election Division. You may also update your signature by completing an online voter registration form application or a mail-in form that are both available on our website. If you do not have internet access, forms are found at post offices, libraries and our office.

    If you are not sure whether you signed your affidavit, sign the outside of the envelope.

    Cross off the wrong signature and sign the correct affidavit. If the envelope has already been sealed, and the affidavit was not signed by the other voter, you may sign the outside of the envelope.

    No one else can sign your ballot affidavit for you. If you are unable to sign, please contact our office. If the signature you provided with your voter registration is a mark, you need only to make that mark for your ballot to count.

    Individuals with power of attorney cannot sign the ballot affidavit for the voter.

    Salt Lake County citizens who are either temporarily or permanently overseas and all active military personnel, including their spouses and dependents, are eligible to vote by absentee ballot under The Uniformed and Overseas Citizens and Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) and Utah law. You can find an application to vote by visiting . Complete, sign and submit the application to our office by mail, fax or email. FVAP also provides extensive resources on twitter under the hashtag #BeReady16

    Military and overseas ballots are sent 45 days prior to an election. We will continue to send ballots until Thursday before the election.

    NOTE: Military and overseas voters may receive their ballot via email.

    Call our office and ask to be removed. You may also mail, fax or email your request, or submit a new voter registration form indicating your request.

    You may track your ballot at the Lieutenant Governor's websiteor by calling our office.

    This is for registered voters who have been admitted to a hospital or care facility that still want to vote and the deadline to apply for vote by mail has passed.

    Please call our office at 385-GOT-VOTE (385-468-8683).