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Sherrie Swensen

Sherrie Swensen

Salt Lake County Clerk

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Salt Lake County Clerk

federal bilingual requirements


Section 203 -- Voting Rights Act
Bilingual Requirement

Why Salt Lake County is covered by the Federal Voting Rights Act -

  1. Every 10 years the US Census is redone and based on the results, Salt Lake County is now subject to the bilingual election requirements with respect to Spanish.
  2. The determination was made from the census surveys showing that there is a significant number of voting age citizens with limited English proficiency within Salt Lake County.
    • More than 5% of the voting age citizens in Salt Lake County are limited English proficient and the illiteracy rate of those citizens is higher than the national illiteracy rate.
  3. Section 203 of the Federal Voting Rights Act was first implemented by Congress in 1975, renewed by Congress again in 1982, 1992 and in 2006.
  4. Even though new citizens are required to “have the ability to read, write, speak and understand simple words and phrases in English”, they still may not be sufficiently fluent to participate fully in the voting process without assistance.
  5. Language assistance has encouraged these and other citizens of different language and minority groups to register and vote and participate more fully in the election process.

Implementation in Salt Lake County - All election-related material will be printed in both English and Spanish, including public notices, signs and our website. The touchscreen voting machines offer a choice of English or Spanish. Bilingual ballots will be available and in designated areas, bi-lingual poll workers will be assigned. Bilingual staff members are available in the County Clerk’s Office to also assist voters.