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Additional Information on the 2020 Presidential Primary

NOTE:  Party affiliation only pertains to primary elections.  Voters may vote for candidates of any political party in the November General Election regardless of party affiliation.

In 2019 the Utah State Legislature passed a law establishing state-funded presidential primary elections. This law also gave county clerks the responsibility of conducting the elections. Below is a list of candidates for U.S. President who officially declared their candidacy in Utah to participate in the March 3rd Presidential Primary Election. (Click on a candidate’s link below to view their filing paperwork.) 

Explanation of the Presidential Primary

The Presidential Primary is a nominating process by which political parties select the candidate for US President who will represent their party in the November General Election. Political parties in each state develop their own procedures and determine which voters may participate in their election. (See the bullets below.) Some states hold only primary elections, some hold only caucuses, and others use a combination of both. These primaries and caucuses are staggered, beginning in February and ending about mid-June before the General Election in November. State and local governments run the primary elections, while caucuses are private events that are directly run by the political parties. State primary elections are Indirect elections - meaning that instead of voters directly electing a candidate, the outcome of the primary determines delegate allocation. Delegates, in turn, select their party’s presidential nominee at the party’s national convention.

  • The Utah Republican Party requires voters to affiliate with their party to participate in its primary election. By requesting a Republican ballot, you will also be required to affiliate with their party.  The deadline to affiliate with the Republican Party to receive a Republican Party Presidential Primary Ballot by mail was February 3rd and that date has passed.
  • The Utah Democratic Party does not require voters to affiliate with their party in order to participate in its Presidential Primary Election.   A request for a Democratic Primary Ballot must be submitted to the County Clerk’s Office no later than February 25th for a ballot to be mailed to you.

Salt Lake County is conducting all elections this year mainly by mail, in conjunction with Early Voting and Election Day Vote Centers. Registered voters affiliated with the Republican and Democratic parties were mailed a Presidential Primary Ballot for their designated party the week of February 10th.  Unaffiliated voters and those affiliated with political parties other than the Democratic and Republican Parties were not automatically mailed a ballot.  However, a letter was mailed to unaffiliated voters to provide them with an option to choose a ballot for the upcoming Presidential Primary. Ballots are being mailed to the voters who responded to the letter and selected a ballot.

List of Candidates

Below is a list of candidates for U.S. President who have officially declared candidacy in Utah. Click on a candidate’s link below to view their filing paperwork.

Democratic Party Candidates

Republican Party Candidates


*This candidate publicly announced that their campaign for President of the United States has ended.  However, they have not officially filed a notice with the Utah Lt. Governor’s Office.

The Green Party, Independent American Party, Libertarian Party, and United Utah Party are not participating in Utah’s 2020 Presidential Primary Election to select their presidential and vice presidential nominees. Consequently, their presidential and vice presidential candidates do not officially declare candidacy with the state. The Constitution Party declared its intent to participate in the Presidential Primary Election, but no candidates officially declared candidacy with the state prior to the December 2, 2019 deadline.