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  • Salt Lake County Clerk
    Election Division

    2001 S State Street, #S1-200
    PO Box 144575
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
    Hours 8:00 – 5:00 M -F
    Closed state and federal holidays

      385-GOT-VOTE (385-468-8683)
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    State law requires that a voter present valid identification before being allowed to vote in person. An up-to-date signature is required to for by mail voting. 

    Valid Voter identification means:

    A form of identification that bears the name and photograph of the voter which may include:
    • a currently valid Utah driver license;
    • a currently valid identification card that is issued by:
    • the state; or a branch, department, or agency of the United States;
    • a currently valid Utah permit to carry a concealed weapon;
    • a currently valid United States passport; or
    • a currently valid United States military identification card;
    one of the following identification cards, whether or not the card includes a photograph of the voter:
    • a valid tribal identification card,
    • a Bureau of Indian Affairs card; or
    • a tribal treaty card;
    OR (2) two forms of identification that bear the name of the voter and provide evidence that the voter resides in the voting precinct, which may include:
    • a current utility bill or a legible copy thereof, dated within the 90 days before the election;
    • a bank or other financial account statement, or a legible copy thereof;
    • a certified birth certificate;
    • a valid Social Security card;
    • a check issued by the state or the federal government or a legible copy thereof;
    • a paycheck from the voter's employer, or a legible copy thereof;
    • a currently valid Utah hunting or fishing license;
    • certified naturalization documentation;
    • a currently valid license issued by an authorized agency of the United States;
    • a certified copy of court records showing the voter's adoption or name change;
    • a valid Medicaid card, Medicare card, or Electronic Benefits Transfer Card;
    • a currently valid identification card issued by:
    • a local government within the state;
    • an employer for an employee; or
    • a college, university, technical school, or professional school
    • a current Utah vehicle registration.