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Org Type: Local School Boards
Report: 2012 Summary Report Local School Board (Year End)


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Total this Period
Other Campaign Accounts

Other Campaign Accounts

Contributions Received
1 Total Contributions Received
$255.24 $592.30 $0.00 $0.00 * - YTD totals may reflect activity from past years.
Expenditures Made
2 Total Expenditures Made $255.24 $592.30 $0.00 $0.00 * - YTD totals may reflect activity from past years.
Balance Summary
3 Balance at Beginning of Reporting Period $0.00 Refer to Line 7 on your last report
4 Total Contributions Received
(From Line 1 Column A)

5 Subtotal
(Add Lines 3 and 4)

6 Total Expenditures Made
(From Line 2 Column A)

7 Balance at Close of Reporting Period $0.00

Contributions Received
Itemized Contributions Received

Date Received Contributor
Occupation Employer Type Amount In-Kind?
10/20/2012 Toni Talia'uli Business Owner Self Employed Individual $100.00 IN-KIND
10/29/2012 Alama Uluave Disabled None Individual $83.24
11/03/2012 Aaron Tau'a

Individual $72.00 IN-KIND

Total Contributions $255.24

Expenditures Made
Itemized Expenditures Made

Date Expended Recipient Name Purpose Amount In-Kind?
10/20/2012 Alama Uluave Donated 1000 printed flyers $100.00 IN-KIND
10/29/2012 Home Depot Additional supplies and wood stakes $83.24
11/03/2012 Alama Uluave Additional 50 campaign signs $72.00 IN-KIND

Total Expenditures $255.24

No Contributions Received from other Campaign Accounts reported for this period.

No Expenditures of other Campaign Accounts reported for this period.