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  • Salt Lake County Clerk, Marriage License Division

    2001 South State Street Suite S2 200
    PO Box 144575
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575
    (385) 468-7300
    8 am - 5 pm Weekdays
    Closed state and federal holidays

  • What is the Salt Lake County Mutual Commitment Registry?

    This registry creates a way for Salt Lake County to recognize relationships of mutual commitment, support, and caring. Governmental entities, employers and businesses can readily access and use the registry, if they choose to do so, to determine eligibility for benefits.

    Registry Forms and Ordinance

    General Information Regarding the Mutual Commitment Registry:

    What you need to file a Declaration of Mutual Commitment -
    1. Two individuals, 18 years of age or older
    2. Please bring ID when you come into the office to file your Declaration.
    3. You must bring with you two of the following four types of documentation:
      • A joint loan obligation, mortgage, lease or joint ownership of real property or a vehicle
      • A life insurance policy, retirement benefits account, or will or trust of one declarant designating the other declarant as beneficiary thereto, or will or trust of one declarant which designates the other declarant as executor or successor trustee
      • A mutually granted power of attorney for purposes of healthcare or financial management
      • Proof showing that one declarant is authorized to sign for purposes of the other declarant’s bank or credit account
    4. The declarants must share a primary residence.
    5. You will need to complete the Declaration form.
    6. If you have previously filed a Declaration, it must be six months since you also filed a notice of termination for that mutual commitment.
    7. Filing fee is $30 and can be paid with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, cash, check or money order.
    8. Upon filing of the Declaration and payment of the fee, you will be issued 2 certified copies of the completed Declaration.
    When to file an Amended Declaration of Mutual Commitment -

    If you move or change your mailing address, please update your Declaration of Mutual Commitment.  An amendment form is available in the Clerk’s Office.  There is no fee for filing an amended Declaration. 

    Notice of Termination of Mutual Commitment
    1. One or both declarants must sign the Notice.  If only one declarant signs, he/she must affirm that they sent a copy of the notice to the other party.
    2. No fee is charged. If the declarant(s) would like certified copies of the notice, a certified copy will be issued to each party.
    Use of Mutual Commitment Registry

    Salt Lake County Ordinance, Chapter 2.10, sets forth the uses for the Mutual Commitment Registry.  Those uses include:

    All facilities owned or operated by the County and services provided by the County shall allow those listed on the Mutual Commitment Registry, and his or her children, to be included in any rights and privileges accorded a spouse and children for purposes of use and access to County facilities and services.

    The Mutual Commitment Registry may be made available to County offices and departments, other governmental entities, private business and non-profit entities, and other associations to verify the status of persons listed on the Registry.