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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an expiration date for a contract?

There are two places the expiration date can be located: on the contract entry screen in the PeopleSoft Purchasing System and in the SharePoint system.

How do I know when my purchase order has been approved?

A "Dispatched" document state in PeopleSoft does NOT indicate that a purchase order has been executed.  Contracts and Procurement will email a final, executed copy of the purchase order to the agency and the vendor once the approval process is complete.  A document posted in SharePoint also indicates that it is executed.  Please do not place orders until your agency receives the final, executed copy of the purchase order.  

How do I purchase an item or service that can only be purchased through a particular vendor and my purchase will exceed the $10,000 Limit? What do I do?

Complete a Sole Source (71 KB Word Doc). Requisitions for items that are to be purchased from a specific vendor, where substitutes to the vendor or brand are unacceptable, must be accompanied by a written justification explaining the circumstances that make substitutes unsuitable. The Director of Purchasing or designee determines whether the justification is appropriate. Justifications are to be supported by detailed factual statements.

Is the item we need on a state contract?

The State of Utah has a Purchasing web site that provides state contract information: Choose the state contract link to access state-wide contracts. Even though a wanted item is on a state contract, a Salt Lake County approved Purchase order or Master Agreement is still required.

Has the Mayor signed the contract? Can the vendor begin work?

When a contract or purchase order is fully executed the Contracts and Procurement Division will send the original to the purchasing coordinator, who will send it to the vendor to signify execution.

If we need professional services for a small project, can we choose which consultant to use?

Between $1 and $10,000 the agency may choose a consultant to work with. From $10,001 to $50,000 there must be a competitive selection through the Expedited RFP (76 KB PDF) process.

How often does a standard form agreement need to be approved?

Beginning May 15, 2008, a standard form agreement will no longer need annual approval by the Attorney's Office. When changes need to be made to the standard form agreement the Attorney will review and re-approve.

A contract we use all the time expires tomorrow. What do we do?

You may send a request to your attorney asking that the contract be amended to extend while in the re-bidding process. Immediately begin preparing the specifications and work with the buyer to get the solicitation issued. The maximum time an expired contract can be extended past all renewal options is six months.

What is a conflict of interest?

Refer to County Ordinances, and 3.20.070.  If one of the key personnel of a company wishing to submit a bid or proposal serves on any Boards or Councils of the County, they must disclose it in their submission.

On a RFP selection committee, does there have to be a representative from the Mayor's office?

Effective May 2008, the Mayor may appoint a committee member, but it is not required. Ask your Department Director if they wish to have someone from Mayor Operations or the Mayor's Office be a Committee Member.

Are contracts being held by the contract administrator and not being processed for Mayor's signature just because the proof of insurance has not been submitted?

Insurance certificates may not be required, depending on the type of purchase.  If proof of insurance is required, contracts are not held for signature until the insurance documents are received.  It is assumed the vendor complies with the requirements of the contract.  The County is at risk when vendors begin work and the County has not been listed as an additional insured on their insurance policy. A vendor should contact their insurance agent to send proof of insurance as they are signing the contract

What do I do when the SharePoint site asks for a login/password?

When this happens, close the window completely.

  • Enter the internet/intranet page again and go to tools.
  • Click on settings > internet settings.
  • Delete Temporary Internet files
  • Delete the cookies
  • Close the web browser
  • Open the website again
  • Click on Current Contracts.
  • If you are still asked for login/password
    please call Antigone Carlson at 385-468-0310.
How do I apply for or renew my notary certification?

Visit the State of Utah's Notary Process website for details on how to obtain your notary certification. If you would like information on the Notary Bond process, contact Shannon Jackson with Moreton and Company at or 801.715.7128. 

What do I do if I need to submit a claim?

Use the template for a claim letter for all the required information that must be submitted. The letter should be addressed to Jason Yocom in Contracts and Procurement. The original signed letter must be submitted along with the original invoices. This process cannot be done by email or fax as originals are required.

Where do I go if I need information on purchasing a copy machine?

A copier may be purchased by Purchase Order from a solicitation from the applicable Master Agreement based on state contracts.  See helpful hints for making copy machine purchases and a searchable list of State Contracted Vendors. (Enter "copier" in the keyword search field and select the contract summary to see the details of the contract.) Agencies are encouraged to use the  Cost Comparison Spreadsheet to determine the lifetime cost of copy machines.

Is there a contract for interpreting services?

Yes. Countywide Master Agreements based on Utah State contracts have been prepared for all County agencies to use. Agencies needing services should get in touch with the vendor contact as listed on the summary page of the appropriate State contract.  These summaries are found by following the links within the Interpreting Services Contract List.

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