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Solicitation Information

Not sure what type of solicitation is needed? Review the Purchasing Decision Flowchart

Request for Bids

Request for Bid

Request for Bids (RFB) is a formal, low-bid process mainly used for purchases over $50,000. 


Construction Documents

Construction Process

Construction Request for Bids is a formal low-bid process to procure a contractor for approved capital construction and building improvement projects over $50,000.


Request for Quotes

Quote Process


The informal quote process may be used for simple purchases not to exceed $50,000.

  • Quotes must be in writing from at least three qualified vendors
  • Agencies are encouraged to use the quote template provided on the Contracts and Procurement website (or the agency may request C&P to solicit the quotes)
  • Any request for quotes should include the county's Terms and Conditions as an attachment.
  • Quotes may be received by email
  • Enter a requisition in PeopleSoft, with the Supplier ID “BID”, and attach the quotes or prospective vendors for C&P to contact for quotes
  • C&P shall review the quotes and award to the vendor offering the lowest quote
  • C&P will prepare a purchase order to the awarded vendor

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