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About the Council

The legislative body has a nine-member Council with three council members elected at-large and six elected by district. Council members from districts are elected for four-year staggered terms in partisan elections. At-large council terms are six years.  Council districts are reapportioned after each census.

The legislative Council's authority includes:

  • The power to consider and adopt ordinances, rules, and regulations.
  • Consider and adopt an administrative code, policies, and procedures.
  • Adopt rules governing the activities, meetings, and organization of the Council.
  • Establish and adopt a budget, set and levy taxes, and establish fees.
  • Fix the salaries of county officers and employees.
  • Supervise internal audits and investigations.
  • Conduct quasi-judicial hearings including serving as the Board of Equalization and final board of review regarding planning and zoning.
  • Advise and consent to appointments by the executive branch.
  • Override vetoes of the Executive by two-thirds vote.
  • Supervise the conduct of county officers in accordance with state statute.
  • Reapportion districts after each census.
  • Divide the County into precincts and other districts as provided by law.
  • Fill vacancies.
  • Grant franchises.
  • Provide for the development of County resources.
  • Perform other legislative acts.