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Richard Snelgrove

A man in a red shirt. A man in a red shirt. A man in a red shirt. A man in a red shirt.

Voters county-wide elected Richard Snelgrove as an at-large Salt Lake County Council member in 2010 and reelected him in 2016. He represents all residents of the County, including those living in cities, townships, and unincorporated areas. The Council serves as the county government's legislative branch, responsible for approving budgets, taxes, ordinances, and policies. Richard believes in bipartisanship and collaboration in working with his County Council colleagues on county issues. 

The Utah Taxpayers Association has recognized Richard with its prestigious Taxpayer Advocate of the Year Award "in recognition of his exemplary defense of taxpayers against tax increases and non-essential county spending." He has delved deeply into each year's budget, ferreting out ways to avoid tax increases and improve efficiency.

Richard is an advocate of openness in government. He sponsored an ordinance requiring that bond elections go on the ballot only in general election years when voter turnout is greatest. He proposed expanded citizen comment opportunities in Council meetings and spearheaded the new citizen call-in opportunity during Council meetings. He holds impromptu "Council on the Corner" sessions throughout the County, where he can hear what citizens have to say outside the walls of county government.

He pressed UTA to open its closed committee meetings by threatening to delay $150 million in county funding. He has successfully pushed to re-establish performance auditing on Salt Lake County operations.

Richard is an outspoken advocate for clean air and water and recognizes these are vital for sustained quality of life. He planned and spearheaded Salt Lake County's participation with UTA for a "no fare" transit during the winter inversion months. Richard is working to mitigate contamination to our water supply from runoff from mine tailings in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Richard is against a proposed new limestone quarry near 1-80 in Parleys Canyon due to its potential impact on air and water quality. He is currently fighting efforts to fund a $592 million gondola or highway expansion in Little Cottonwood Canyon. He believes this is not the "highest and best use" of these funds. 

Richard is a member of the Salt Lake County Library System Board of Directors and the Jordan River Commission. He also serves on the County Redevelopment Board of Trustees. Richard supports continuing Zoo, Arts, and Parks (ZAP) funding for vibrant parks, recreation, open space, and arts programs. These programs enhance the quality of life for families in our communities. In addition, Richard supports and is working on many new hiking trails, mountain biking opportunities, equestrian facilities, and adding open space on the west bench and the Oquirrh Mountains. These efforts will help take pressure off the east side canyons and bring these opportunities closer to the residents of the west side.

Richard and the County Council have repealed 150 pages of unnecessary business regulations including one that prohibited children from running lemonade stands without a permit. He understands business and the value of careful budgeting and fiscal discipline. Richard is an accomplished business executive, he has founded and managed several successful small businesses. He is President of Snelgrove Travel Centers Inc., which recently celebrated 30 years in business. 

His extensive public service background has given him a unique perspective on serving the citizens of Salt Lake County. He served as an election observer to Latin America for the State Department and has lived in Argentina and Venezuela for a total of six years.  He served as a member of the National Small Business Advisory Council during the George H.W. Bush Administration advising the federal government and business on issues affecting America's small business community. He also served as district director for a Utah U.S. Congressman.

Richard was born and raised in the Sugar House area. He attended local public schools and graduated from the University of Utah. He and his wife JoLynn make their home in Murray and are the parents of four children. He has been a baseball and soccer coach and a Boy Scout leader. In his spare time, he enjoys camping with his family. He hikes in the mountains of Salt Lake County nearly every weekend, year-round.

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