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Emergency Rental Assistance Education and Outreach Grant

Salt Lake County is concerned about the number of residents who need emergency rental assistance. To address this need, the County received federal Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program funds and seeks partners to provide application assistance to residents who have been financially impacted by or during the pandemic.

Salt Lake County has completed the ERA 1 Community Grant Program and has received ERA 2 funding as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 from the US Department of Treasury. The County is redesigning its deployment for rental assistance support grant programs.

The County wants to address community needs by contracting with six to eight organizations working in the community from January-December 2022 with grants not to exceed $50,000. 

By working to educate, do outreach, and address language needs, we will reach those who need help the most.

Grant Activities

  • Conduct outreach and education efforts to individuals experiencing housing instability within Salt Lake county, with special emphasis on individuals within the organization's communities.
  • Educate clients/communities about the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, the application requirements, how to apply, and guide them towards the County's application assistance partners.
  • Do direct outreach to renters within the communities you serve, including:
    • Social media
    • Town hall meetings
    • Direct contact outreach via texting, phone calls and door knocking, utilizing both internal lists and publicly available lists provided by the County
  • Bridge language barriers by working with client at application assistance site or at a virtual application assistance meeting.

Find more information, including minimum qualifications, requirements, costs, and fees in the RFA application link below.

Please contact Lauren Littlefield with any questions.

Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. February 11, 2022


Emergency Rental Assistance Education and Outreach RFA (PDF)

Download an example of a previous RFA contract *Not this RFA Contract* (PDF)

Environmental Compliance Practices: Vendor Compliance Statement and Non-Debarment Certification (PDF)