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COVID-19 Stories

Do your Part - Change the Story

Do your Part Change the Story

COVID-19 is a major health risk to everyone—even you. As case numbers surge in Utah, the following stories are from people like you who have experienced the impact firsthand. Who are they? 

  • Families who couldn’t get the emergency medical services they needed for a loved one because rooms at the hospital were full
  • Doctors who are making choices today about prioritizing care for their patients
  • Exhausted nurses and healthcare workers trying to keep their colleagues and families healthy
  • Mothers who are still experiencing long-term health impacts from COVID like chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, and chest pain
  • Healthy adults who got COVID and were isolated and alone in a hospital bed

But we have also heard stories of hope and an insistence that we all have the power to change the narrative about COVID. The strategies to prevent COVID-19 infection are simple and effective. Be vigilant about avoiding confined or poorly ventilated spaces, washing your hands, and wearing a face covering and social distancing—even with people you love.

Do your part to protect yourself from COVID and reduce the burden on our healthcare system. Because the urgent health care need may be your own.

"If I can do this, you can do this. We can turn this pandemic around."

"You can luck out with COVID symptoms, but you can also be the unlucky one."

"He went into the emergency room and I didn’t see him again for four weeks."

"Anybody in the community is at risk for acquiring a COVID-19 infection."

"After COVID, it has been a battle every day to transition back into normal life."

"This is not sustainable. There is no mercy for healthcare workers who are taking care of COVID patients."

"We’re doing our part, but when people don’t follow the rules it makes it feel like we are fighting a losing battle."

"Necesitamos tener COVID bajo control. Luego podemos retomar las actividades sociales que tanto nos gustan."

"It does not matter if you are young and healthy, COVID is life changing. Do whatever it takes to not get it."

"A mask is the difference between being out of control and caring for patients."

"Because of COVID, there was no room at the hospital for my sister to get treated for her heart attack."

"The COVID virus gave me a chronic illness."

"When COVID rates are high, the system breaks down.