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Presentence Reports

The Presentence Report is a document prepared at the request of the judge prior to sentencing.  The purpose of the report is to provide the judge with detailed background information about a defendant for use at the sentence hearing.  The report includes information about criminal records, drug and alcohol use, personal and family history, education, employment, and any victim or restitution information.  By utilizing an assessment, information be can provided to the judge that supports sentencing recommendations provided in the Presentence Report. 


The report will provide the judge with an account of life circumstances that may impact sentencing.  If the potential for incarceration exits, the Presentence Report can provide detailed and relevant information for the judge to consider.  It is important for the judge to have a full picture of a client’s background to assist in determining what the appropriate sentence will be.  If probation is ordered at sentencing, the Presentence Report also includes information to ensure that clients have necessary resources to be successful.  


The Presentence Report fee is $60, payable at the time of service by money order, cashier’s check, or Visa/MasterCard.