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Jail Screening & Release

Pretrial jail screeners gather information about defendants to assess risk of endangering the community or failing to appear in court.  Screeners conduct interviews of all individuals “booked” into the Adult Detention Center (ADC) to determine which defendants merit release based on the results of a validated risk assessment, pre-adjudicated criminal charges, and success during any prior release. This information includes: a defendant’s residence, employment, and community ties; a defendant’s criminal history; and whether defendant is on probation, parole, or pretrial release. 

A Pretrial risk assessment helps ensure that low risk defendants are not held in jail awaiting trial and that high risk offenders or those posing a risk to public safety are detained in jail.  Release is allowed for most first-offense arrests for non-violent crimes.  Review and consent of a judge may be required for more serious offenses.  Supervision is required for those with serious charges or demonstrating a need for support.