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ghosts of west temple

Ghosts of West Temple

100 North to South Temple

The original owners of property immediately surrounding the L.D.S. Church Temple were the pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley, including leaders of the LDS Church. In 1847, lots were drawn among this group for the individual parcels of land, and ownership continued to stay within the hands of LDS Church members. By 1911, the Church owned a large portion of the properties, with the rest still owned by Church members. The LDS Church eventually purchased all of the properties facing the Temple, with the intent to:

"Among other things we are endeavoring to secure possession of every foot of property surrounding the Temple grounds, lest saloons or other undesirable places should spring up and sully the neighborhood of the buildings we have dedicated to the Lord."  
Salt Lake Herald article, 1911-10-22.

This exhibit, while certainly not a comprehensive history, seeks to provide a brief peek of the buildings and some of the families that once called West Temple their home.


On the Home Front

During World War II, Salt Lake County had an active Civilian Defense Council. This council participated in war bond drives, trained civil defense workers and conducted drills to help these workers and ordinary citizens prepare for the possibility of an attack.


American West

 Using a variety of documents and photos from the collection of the Salt Lake County Archives, this exhibit illustrates three different aspects of Salt Lake County's agricultural past.


Mountain Guard

This exhibit focuses on one little known aspect of Salt Lake County’s contribution to securing the safety of skiers at Alta ski resort.


Car Care in Salt Lake County

Taking a look back at Salt Lake County gas stations, service garages, and auto dealerships from the 1930s to the 1950s



Salt Lake County Sesquicentennial - March 15, 1852 March 15, 2002