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County Scrapbook

Bingham Canyon

Appraisal Photographs 1930 - 1940

Bingham photo
Bingham photo  

The community of Bingham Canyon was located 26 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. The Bingham brothers, Thomas and Sanford, settled the canyon in 1848. The town incorporated in 1904 and was classified a city in 1938.

These unique black and white photographs depict the living conditions and economic stability of the Canyon preceding the depression. Although these images were taken in the 1930's and 1940's for tax purposes, the date listed with each photograph reflects the date the building was built.

Utah Copper Company, now called Kennecott Copper, was just beginning to expand their mining operations. Employment was up 50 percent from the previous year, and Utah Copper had just purchased the Hotel Ritz, Copper and Bingham. Additionally, all 18 beer halls were in operation, boarding houses were full, and the federally funded "Works Project Administration" was providing the money needed for the construction of the first sewer system in the Canyon.

Princess Theater

496 Main Street
circa 1919

Accommodated the motion pictures, wrestling and boxing matches in the canyon.

Princess Theater


First Security Bank

503 Main Street
circa 1902

Withstood a run on the bank in the early 1900's leaving the bank with only the fixtures and furniture.

First Security Bank


Canyon Motor Company

366 Main Street
circa 1912

Appraisal Cards note "Ford Garage" with five rooms, one bath, and living quarters added on in 1949.

Canyon Motor Company


Royal Laundry

175 Main Street
circa 1915

The only commercial laundry in the canyon. Closed in 1934. Brick building, 2408 square feet, purchased by Utah Copper in 1971.

Royal Laundry


Bingham Stage Lines

507 Main Street
circa 1895

Founded in 1918. Provided services to Salt Lake City as well as excursion services to scenic areas of Utah.

Bingham Stage Lines


Telephone Company

530 Main Street
circa 1927

Mountain States Telephone
Prior to the merger of Bell & Independent Telephone, which created Mountain States Telephone, services were scattered and individually isolated within the canyon.

Telephone Company

Bingham Mercantile

504 Main Street
circa 1905

Located at the confluence of Bingham Canyon and Carr Fork and noted as Bingham's greatest commercial landmark. Also used as a relief store to feed destitute families in the 1930's

Bingham Mercantile


Citizens Coal Company

31 Main Street
circa 1905

Bingham's third oldest business establishment. Utah Copper obtain the building in 1941.

Citizens Coal Company

Miners Mercantile

circa 1906

Appraisals note "Outside corporate limits" Closed in 1941. Demolished in 1947.

Miners Mercantile



519 Main Street
circa 1895




558 Main Street
circa 1926

Hotel Belmont Owned by Utah Copper.6,906 square feet, brick, stucco, plaster walls.Demolished in 1957.




480 Main Street
circa 1933

Owners Bingham Coal and Lumber Company.Demolished in 1969.



Facilities & Services

County Fair

County Government booth at the Salt Lake County Fair, circa 1987

Conty Fair

Capitol Theater

Capitol Theater, a county facility providing entertainment in theatre, music, and dance; circa 1978.

Capitol Theatre

Salt Palace

Salt Palace promotional brochure, a convention facility owned by Salt Lake County, circa 1976.

Salt Palace

Salt Palace

Daughters of the Nile National Convention held at the Salt Palace Convention Center, June 1974.

Nile National Convention


The bookmobile of the Salt Lake County. Free Public Library in Midvale circa 1947.



Library Statisctics page 1

Page one of Salt Lake County Library usage statistics for year 2001.

Library Statisctics

Page two of Salt Lake County Library usage statistics for year 2001.

Vitro site Resolution

Resolution of the Salt Lake City-County Board of Health regarding the effects of heavy metal tailings at the Vitro site, April 1983.

patient card

A patient card from the Salt Lake County Hospital, July 1964.

Public Welfare Minutes from 1937

Salt Lake County Board of Public Welfare minutes from November 9, 1937 documenting assistance to citizens.

Pauper Clerk’s correspondence

Department of Welfare, Pauper Clerk’s correspondence documenting action taken on a charity case, June 2, 1917.

At Home in SLC

Original Farmhouse

Residence at 1604 South 500 East originally built as a farmhouse in 1900.


Prairie School Style

Residence at 1211 East 100 South built in 1910 representing the Prairie School style of architecture.

Prarie School


Librarian assisting patrons in the Salt Lake County Bookmobile, circa 1947.


Salt Palace

People attending a conference at the Salt Palace, circa 1969.

Salt Palace

County Fair

Senior citizens at the fair in the mid-1970's.

Count Fair

Grocery Store

Grocery store at 780 North 200 West originally built circa 1895.

Grocery Store

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle Drive-In located at 135 East 900 South circa 1952.

Arctic Circle

Nelson-Ricks Creamery

The Nelson-Ricks Creamery located at 314 West 300 South, originally built in 1927.

Nelson-Ricks Creamery

Bennett Glass and Paint

The Bennett Glass and Paint Building located 61 West 100 South, part of the early central business district.

Bennett Glass and Paint

Crime & Punishment

Stolen Bike

May 4, 1899. T.J. Buckley 265 W. 1st North. Cresant (Crescent) bike stolen. Bicycle No. 446 stolen.

Stolen Saddle bag

May 8, 1899. Byers Bros. corner of West Temple & 3 So. Gents Eclipse Wheel, brown saddle, enameled red.
Translation: A red Eclipse bicycle with a brown seat was stolen from Byers Brothers.

stolen coat

May 9, 1899. E.M. Heighes, Room 75 Rickett's Blk. (or ?) Stolen from his room, one long dark blue over coat, lining in right sleeve torn, new pair of pants.

Resolution on the assassination of President William McKinley

May 13, 1899 A.D.T. messenger boxes stolen. Box no. 271 taken from White House Drug Store on May 1, and box no 425 taken from 150 state street today.

Stolen Bicycle

May 17, 1899 Frank Miles 111 E. Bugham. Cresent bicycle 96 model no 132525 Wooden Handle Bars (Recovered)

Stolen Revolver

June 1, 1899 Deseret Bakery, 46 West First So. St. Broken into and 38 cal. Smith & Wesson Revoliver (Revolver) stolen.

Q Cannon Union Bicycle

June 2, 1899 Geo (George) Q Cannon Union Bicycle, old style, long gear Buggy Embry & McLean make 3/4 in (inch); new/depot/admin/admin/ painted black, leather cushion, narrow track, dingy top

City Engineer Brasses and Bearings stolen from engine

Jun 7, 1899 City Engineer Brasses and Bearings stolen from engine, down at the old dump, near the Jordan river

Territory of Utah vs Isaac Snyder

In the Justice's Court 5th precinct City and County of Salt Lake, U.T. January 23rd 1879 The People of the Territory of Utah vs Isaac Snyder. On this 23rd day of January 1879 the said Isaac Snyder was brought before me the undersigned charged with stealing chickens the property of Isaac neighbor (?) Defendant plead not guilty . A trial was had and after hearing the evidence in the case the Court held that the evidence was not sufficient to sustain the charge. The defendant was therefore discharged and the case dismissed at the expense of the people. Dismissed

State of Utah vs. Elmo Harris

In the City Court State of Utah vs. Elmo Harris, Henrietta Harris Kenneth E. Harris e.g. Golden Dawn Dairy. Charge - Using Milk Bottles Belonging to Another. Result - Dismissed
The State vs. Neil Edward Stolp. Charge Grand Larceny. Result Dismissed

State of Utah vs. George Robertson

In the City Court the State of Utah vs. George Robertson. Charge - Battery, pleaded guilty
The State of Utah vs. E. Nygren (?). Charge - Selling Eggs Without Grade or Label. pleaded guilty

Sept 16 - 1881 - The People etc vs W.C. Kidd Assult

Sept 16 - 1881 - The People etc vs W.C. Kidd Assult with intent to kill. Complaint read, and def pleads not guilty and ready for final. Stephen H. Goodban - A.A Abbie, Harry Freeman - Pros rest. Defendant made a statement. Bound over in sum of $1000, Bonds to appear before grand jury.
Salt Lake City vs W.C. Kidd Resisting officer with pistol. Pleads not guilty. Jhonias(?) F. Thomas -Defense.
W.C. Kidd adjudged guilty and fined $75. or 15 days in prisioned in City Jail.

Salt Lake County at Work

Old county government office

Salt Lake County government offices located in the old County Hospital at 21st South and State Streets, circa 1980.

old county hospital office


Demolishing the old County Hospital, mid-1980's.


Salt Lake County Government Building

New government building built in the mid-1980s.

New Building


Citizens attending a County Commission meeting, late 1980's.


County Commission

Citizens attending a County Commission meeting, late 1980's.

County Commission



payroll ledger

Commissioners and Supervisors payroll ledger, 1852-1854.

Resolution on the assassination of President William McKinley

Board of County Commissioners Resolution on the assassination of President William McKinley, July 7, 1901.

Resolution on Services after tornado

Board of County Commissioners Resolution recognizing services provided during the tornado of August 11, 1999.

First County Meeting

First Meeting

Salt Lake County (then known as Great Salt Lake County) held its first official meeting on March 15, 1852. Although the County had been formed by an act of the territorial Legislative Assembly on January 31, 1850, officials were not appointed until 1852. The original form of government included a Probate Judge (Elias Smith) and three Selectmen (Samuel Moore, Reuben Miller and J.C. Wright). Their first official acts included the appointment of a County Assessor and Collector and a County Treasurer. Horrace S. Eldredge and Thomas Rhodes served in these positions, respectively. The territorial County government also passed two taxes: 1⁄2 of one percent to govern the County and 1⁄4 of one percent for roads. On March 14, 2002, Governor Michael Leavitt signed a proclamation recognizing March 10 - 16, 2002 as Salt Lake County Government Week. Mayor Nancy Workman accepted the proclamation on behalf of the citizens of Salt Lake County.

Minutes from the first meeting

Minutes from the first meeting of Salt Lake County government on March 15, 1852.

Governor's proclamation

Governor's proclamation recognizing Salt Lake County Government Week, March 10 through 16, 2002.

Sandy Journal, April 2002, page 15

SL County Celebrates Anniversary

By Tom Haraldsen

Salt Lake County is celebrating its 150th anniversary in March, and is taking advantage of that opportunity to redefine its identity to County residents. At a press conference at the State Capitol earlier this month, Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt signed a proclamation declaring March 10-16 as Salt Lake County Government Week.

During that same press conference, County Mayor Nancy Workman took time to explain the County's new "branding" program, keynoted by the new Salt Lake County logo which will soon adorn all County-funded vehicles, buildings and facilities in the area. Salt Lake County printed 3,000 of the new stickers for placement on the facilities,

"We felt the need to explain the services provided by the County," the Mayor said. "There are literally hundreds of facilities throughout the County that many citizens never realize are supported with County tax money. Each of them have different logos, many have their own names, but all of them are supported in

some way by Salt Lake County. So we as a County wrestled with finding the best way to get the word out in an inexpensive way, and the new logo seemed to be the right way."

Leavitt's proclamation salutes a governmental body that has grown from a four man commission of sorts, called "selectmen" in 1852, which oversaw three cities with a population of 11,000, to today's County council of nine members who serve over 900,000 citizens in 15 cities. There are 7,800 County employees, but Workman is quick to point out that that's 400 fewer than when the new form of County government took over last year. In addition, she said there are about 500 "unfulfilled" positions that the County is trying to "get along without filling," in order to continue reduced spending.

Salt Lake County currently provides services to the following cities: Alta, Draper, Bluffdale, Herriman, Holladay, Midvale, Murray, Riverton, Salt Lake City, Sandy, South Jordan, South Salt Lake, Taylorsville, West Jordan and West Valley City.