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What kind of aerobic classes do you offer?

Dimple Dell offers both water and land aerobic classes.  These classes include Yoga, Spin, Step, Jazzercise and much much more.

Fitness Programs

Can my 14 year old work out in the fitness room?
Yes, only if they have attended the 14 & 15 year old certification program.  This FREE class is held every third Saturday from 9:30am - 11:00am.  Pre-registration is not required.
If I am signed up for a youth sports program what is the protocol?

When you sign up please make note of what day your program is set to start and any other information listed on your registration sheet. Different programs have different protocol; some programs start with an organization day. In that case you will NOT be called before hand, you will be expected to show up on the day indicated on your registration sheet.

If you have not heard from the coach 1 week prior to start date and there was not an organization day planned please call the front desk at 495-1480 to find out what team you are on and the coaches information.

Do you offer any off-track programs?
We offer a super sport program for children in grades K-6th on weekdays from 11:00am - 3:00pm.  There are also classes offered specific to off-track students including bowling and art.
What is the temperature of the pool?
The pool typically is between 83 and 85 degrees.
How old must a child be to be unaccompanied in the swimming pool?
Salt Lake County REQUIRES that children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the swimming pool.
Do you have special requirements for children under 3 in the pool?

Salt Lake County Health Department REQUIRES children 3 and under are required to wear a swim diaper and plastic swim pants.  

Swim Diapers can be bought at the front desk for $1.00.