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Our Mission

The Mission of the Salt Lake County District Attorney is:

  • To confront, challenge and aggressively pursue crime in our community.
  • To be firm and fair, swift and sure in holding offenders accountable for their criminal conduct.
  • To be respectful and responsive to the needs of the victims of crime.
  • To oppose crime, promote justice with integrity without fear of personal, professional or political consequence and without regard to race, religion, gender, political affiliation, sexual orientation, social or economic status.
  • To nurture and promote respect for the professionals who serve our community as public servants by establishing high standards of professionalism, fair compensation, a good work environment with adequate resources to provide the highest levels of professional service to our citizens.
  • To be fiscally efficient, socially responsive and personally accountable.
  • To demand the highest levels of professionalism, competence, honor, integrity and ethics in the execution of our responsibilities in the service of our citizens.
  • To daily earn the respect of our citizens and the trust of our communities with the integrity of our actions and the ethics of our convictions.
  • To maintain the public trust, honor, integrity and pride in our professional responsibilities and judgements.
  • To serve our citizens.