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Data & Performance

Subcommittee on Data & Performance

Staff Lead: Javaid Lal + Saskia DeVries

Support Council on Diversity Affairs (CODA) to identify, utilize and share data; facilitate data-driven decisions; and promote a culture of continuous improvement.


Action Plan


The Data & Performance Subcommittee promotes transparency and accountability for the CODA Action Plan by developing tools for internal and external reporting. Embracing a culture of continuous improvement and growth, Data & Performance trains subcommittee
members to develop indicators, analyze data, communicate findings, and adjust their activities in response to new information.


The infrastructure developed by Data & Performance is predominantly for internal use, connecting subcommittees in a collaborative network to identify related programs, shared goals, and available resources to advance CODA priorities. Transparency, accountability, and learning
are key to ensure the CODA Action Plan translates to data driven policies with real impact for our community.

Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusion
2001 S State St  N2-100
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
Phone: (385) 468-7014

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Efren Corado Garcia

Communication Intern, Chelsea Anowi

CODA Cohort Manager, Lia Baez

Rising Young Leaders, Daniel Romero-Guerrero