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Economic Opportunities

Subcommittee on Economic Opportunities

Staff Lead: Brooke Shankland
Chair: Danyelle White

Identify and address various obstacles that threaten the economic
opportunity for diverse and underserved communities in Salt Lake County. Develop BIPOC individuals into leadership and management roles.


Action Plan


COVID Recovery Assistance

Increase access to business resources and assistance for communities experiencing economic opportunity gaps (Opportunity Communities).

CODA Subcommittee

Share small business resources with subcommittee members so that we all can share with our professional and social networks. Conduct specific outreach to community groups or business associations. Provide feedback on resource gaps or opportunities to improve existing resources.

County Operations

Small Business Impact Grants (SBIG): Provide SBIG grant for small business impacted by Covid -19 and advertise widely in multiple languages and media platforms. Continue translating SBIG materials and offering hotline times for non-English speakers.

Economic Inclusion Community Assistance Program (EICAP): Fund additional capacity for Community Partners assisting Opportunity Communities to provide Facilitators that connect businesses with available resources.

Partner with community based organizations and local chambers such as the Suazo Center, PIK2AR, Utah Black Chamber, Utah Asian Chamber, and other minority chambers to conduct outreach to businesses impacted by COVID to help them get grants and other financial aid.


Long-term Business Assistance

Learn from activities in Action Item 1 to create long-term business assistance programs that connect Opportunity Communities with existing resources and identify resource gaps.

CODA Subcommittee

Continue providing updates and feedback on existing resources and resource gaps. Maintain connection between diverse communities and County staff so that we can work together to achieve economic opportunity for all.

County Operations

To be determined based upon lessons learned from SBIG and EIPAC.


Convening Problem-Solvers

Partner with leadership from diverse and Opportunity Communities to actively identify issues and needs related to economic, financial, and business issues in Salt Lake County.

CODA Subcommittee

Actively engage with the committee and work with staff to involve additional organizations and leaders that will maximize the inclusiveness of committee representation.

County Operations

Actively work with members to maximize inclusiveness of

Plan and coordinate meetings and events to convene this group.

Ensure that the committee provides value to members by working
toward clear impact and deliverables.


Strategic Initiatives

Respond to issues and initiatives raised by the committee that involve activities outside the portfolios or programs of the Economic Development Department by convening and working with the relevant stakeholders.

CODA Subcommittee

Help County staff identify and connect with relevant stakeholders, work with those stakeholders to create more activities more inclusive for Opportunity Communities, and provide feedback on those activities to improve them in the future.

County Operations

Digital Divide and Broadband Initiative: Work with public and private entities to ensure that all Salt Lake County communities have high-speed internet access.

Workforce Development: Work with stakeholders such as the Utah Department of Workforce Services, Salt Lake Community College, and others to improve workforce training for Opportunity Communities and connect Opportunity Communities with higher paying jobs.

Other issues as they arise.

Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusion
2001 S State St  N2-100
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
Phone: (385) 468-7014

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Efren Corado Garcia

Communication Intern, Chelsea Anowi

CODA Cohort Manager, Lia Baez

Rising Young Leaders, Daniel Romero-Guerrero