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Health Initiatives

Subcommittee on Health Initiatives

Staff Leads: Siosaia Hafoka + Jorge Mendez
Chair: Kevin Nguyen

Improve the health of Salt Lake County residents by collaborating
with community partners to promote health in all policies.


Action Plan


Health in all policies

Collaborate with other subcommittees and community partners to create a policy/process to approach future and current policies with a health lens that promotes health and equity throughout Salt Lake County.

CODA Subcommittee

Create a plan to implement health and equity in all policies framework throughout Salt Lake County processes.

Work with other CODA subcommittees that already have more equitable policy/process changes as their priority areas.

County Operations

Support and adopt programs as social determinants of
health in County wide operations.


Under-resourced populations

Identify under-resourced and vulnerable subpopulations (i.e. youth, senior adults, people with disabilities) to address gaps in resources and ensure their voices are being heard and needs are being addressed.

CODA Subcommittee

Use data, environmental scan, and other methods to identify under-resourced populations and create a plan to address needs and collaborate more with these groups and those who represent these groups.

County Operations

Provide data and information to better understand and reach under-resourced populations.

Make necessary changes in county resources and services to better reach these groups.


Community partnerships

Identify non-traditional partners and sustain current partnerships with goals to improve community health.

CODA Subcommittee

Support or create a directory of partners and coalitions outside of County services and determine role of CODA to support appropriate efforts.

County Operations

Create a directory of partners and coalitions specifically focused on health base related agencies and promotes coordinating of efforts when possible.


County-service processes and language services

Identify and address existing barriers to applying for county services (e.g. housing and economic relief). Promote language capacity throughout the county; ensure language needs (written and spoken) are adequately represented.

CODA Subcommittee

Create assessment plan to identify barriers in applying for county services and language services needs. Create and implement a plan to start addressing barriers.


Mental health

Identify vulnerable populations and ensure appropriate community resources around mental health are accessible and adequate. Have more trauma informed service providers throughout Salt Lake County Health services and identify any overlap in the Law Enforcement Subcommittee.

CODA Subcommittee

Use data, environmental scan, and other methods to assess mental health status of SLCO and identify most impacted populations. Create a plan to address gaps and needs.

County Operations

Provide data and information around mental health. Coordinate county services that support mental health and make necessary changes when appropriate to better reach most impacted populations.

Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusion
2001 S State St  N2-100
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
Phone: (385) 468-7014

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Efren Corado Garcia

Communication Intern, Chelsea Anowi

CODA Cohort Manager, Lia Baez

Rising Young Leaders, Daniel Romero-Guerrero