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Human Resources

Subcommittee on Human Resources

Staff leads: Pashion Whales

Chair: Mackey Smith

An advisory committee to Salt Lake County that assists with creating
a workforce that is reflective of the residents, employees and visitors
we serve; welcomes and supports uniqueness and individuality; and
supports all employees to reach their highest level of potential.


Action Plan


Employee Staffing

SLCo will make a public commitment to show the diversity of
those living in the County match the make up of County staff.
Focusing on hiring and retaining high contributing talent.

CODA Subcommittee

Partner with community organizers to promote distribution of job availability to non-traditional community groups, while making sure job skills and education requirements are closely associated to the job title. Identify focus groups that will work to recognize hiring gaps, and set-up a fair and equitable interview process that reflects the diverse make up of our community.

County Operations

Show commitment between County HR Staff and County Leadership to promote hiring opportunities in diverse communities. Review job descriptions to encourage acceptable requirements that can be met by the communities we aim to reach.

Set up a framework that will review current hiring guidelines, programs and procedures supported through the lens of equity, inclusion and diversity. Provide recommendations on Policies, Procedures and, Programs focused on hiring diversification, employee culture to make sure retention and SLCo branding welcomes the perspectives of our communities. By working with our community partners we aim to develop an increasingly desirable working environment.


Policies, Procedures, and Programs (PPP)

Audit SLCo policies, procedures and programs to ensure they are equitable and inclusive to a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.

CODA Subcommittee

Review and provide feedback on PPPs. Specifically, HR policies section 2: Employment and section 3: Employee Relations. Ensure we are comparable and using acceptable language used by our SLCo community.

County Operations

The Employee Retention and Equal Employment Opportunity (ER/EEO) manager will name structural gaps that do not support
an inclusive working environment. ER/EEO manager will review current policies through the lens of I.D.E.A (Inclusive, Diverse and
Equitable Access). Recommendations will be reviewed with the proper leadership and will follow appropriate policy approval process.

In partnership with the Data and Innovation team, consider focus
groups and tools (user experience design) to assist with reviewing
our PPPs and perception of SLCo. Ensure we are comparable and
using acceptable language used by our SLCo community.


Employee Resource Groups

Recommend the creation, funding, and support of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for all employees to learn and discuss cultural norms.

CODA Subcommittee

In partnership with SLCo leadership, review feedback from staff and the community members to promote programs celebrating cultural differences in the workforce and encourages willingness to grow as a collective through community dialogue.

County Operations

Employee communications will Identify the need/interest for the ERGs, with an intent to start a pilot program as needed. Once established, select a chair and create a code of conduct and mission statement.


Employment Data

Track and publicly report workforce diversity data on an annual basis to create accountability for SLCo.

CODA Subcommittee

Review, analyze, and make recommendations for improvements.

County Operations

ER/EEO manager will partner with Data and innovation to share data.
Work with County HRIS to assist with creating adequate data capabilities to collect/retrieve information.

Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusion
2001 S State St  N2-100
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
Phone: (385) 468-7014

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Efren Corado Garcia

Communication Intern, Chelsea Anowi

CODA Cohort Manager, Lia Baez

Rising Young Leaders, Daniel Romero-Guerrero