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Rising Young Leaders

Subcommittee on Rising Young Leaders

Staff Lead: Efren Corado Garcia, Daniel Romero-Guerrero
Chair: Vacant

The mission of the Rising Young Leaders Subcommittee is to serve communities across Salt Lake County through initiatives focused on development and social responsibility for youth, up-and-coming leaders, and future generations of ethical and informed, public-minded residents in Salt Lake County.


Action Plan


Develop opportunities for youth and young adults in the county with an emphasis on education and professional development

Establish mentorship programs highlighting integration and a rise in representation from a minority lens.

CODA Subcommittee

• Identify educational institutions to examine current relationship with
Salt Lake County and work with career offices to inquire about image of Salt Lake County as a place to work.
• Rising Young Leaders and Human Resources will work together to
enhance Salt Lake County internship programs by studying current policies, internship outreach materials, and strategies in order to make
recommendations to appropriate leadership.
• Identify outside entities working in this space for potential partnership with Salt Lake County.
• Identify mentoring opportunities and partnerships.

County Operations

Set up strategies to support diverse and under-represented interns working with the county, and advertise entry-level job postings to county internship alumni.


Youth and young adult representation in Salt Lake County

Make Information about Salt Lake County policies easily accessible to youth and young adults in the community and create recommendations guided by the values of equity, transparency and accountability.

CODA Subcommittee
Identify available Salt Lake County Boards and Commissions with vacant positions and support existing target outreach efforts to include younger voices.

Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusion
2001 S State St  N2-100
Salt Lake City, UT 84190
Phone: (385) 468-7014

Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Efren Corado Garcia

Communication Intern, Chelsea Anowi

CODA Cohort Manager, Lia Baez

Rising Young Leaders, Daniel Romero-Guerrero