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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Flood Control Permit?
It is a permit issued by the Engineering Division allowing connection to the County's major drainage system as defined in Title 17 of the County ordinances. These facilities are basically all major streams, canals, the Jordan River and interjurisdictional conduits.
What is the design criteria for drainage systems?
Design criteria for drainage systems in the unincorporated County are available from the Engineering Division 385 468-6600.  Rainfall duration/intensity information.
Who maintains County streets and sidewalks?
The County Operations Division maintains streets in unincorporated areas. Each municipality maintains streets in their jurisdiction. Individual homeowners are required to maintain sidewalks in front of their house.
Where do I report flooding problems?
Call County Public Works Dispatch at (385) 468-6101.
What do I have to do if I want to dig in the County right-of-way?
You need a permit to dig in the County right-of-way. Or call 385 468-6600.
How can I get sidewalks in my neighborhood?
Sidewalk programs.
Why is there such an emphasis lately on clean stormwater?
Stormwater discharges to streams, rivers and lakes are not treated. Any material that gets into the gutter or drainageway goes to the stream. About one-half the water pollution in the U.S. is caused by this type pollution.
I can understand why used oil or pet waste would be bad in the gutter, but what about grass clippings and leaves?
As grass clippings and leaves decompose, bugs and other decomposers use oxygen in the water. That leaves less oxygen for "good" bugs and fish. Before development, leaves and grass clippings did not get into the streams like they do today. Used oil should be recycled and pet waste bagged and put in the trash.