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Guidance Documents

Salt Lake County is required by Federal and State mandate to implement a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) aimed at improving the quality of stormwater runoff. Some elements of the SWMP, such as the Public Information and Education programs, are shared by other agencies.

Other elements of the SWMP, like Construction Stormwater Controls and Long-Term Stormwater Management, UPDES Permit Minimum Control Measures 4 and 5, are administered by the Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD) for Unincorporated County areas (https://msd/

If Salt Lake County ever again assumes MS4 jurisdiction over the Unincorporated Areas under its Phase 1 UPDES status, it has prepared a Guidance Document for Stormwater Management to assist public agencies, developers, engineers, designers, and the general public in managing for improved stormwater runoff quality.

The manual consists of arrays of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that can be identified through application matrices for construction, homeowner, industrial and municipal activities.

The complete manual is also available from the Engineering Division (385) 468-6600.