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AstroVans is a free outreach program that brings exciting activities, demonstrations, and presentations to elementary and middle schools around Utah. AstroVan activities support and enhance Utah state science standards.

While AstroVans primarily targets 6th grade classes, if time allows our educators are able to adapt the experience to 3rd grade classes. We also offer an exciting science demonstration show that can be attended by multiple grade levels.

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What Teachers Say:

  • “The content was awesome and the presenter was knowledgeable and well prepared.” – 6th grade teacher at Diamond Ridge Elementary School
  • “Visuals were great, the educator is very knowledgeable, his enthusiasm to teach about space was prevalent, and he taught in a way that my students could understand.” – 6th grade teacher at Albert R. Lyman Middle School
  • “The instructor’s interaction with the students was great. He reinforced things previously taught in class and sparked new thinking with the children.” – 6th grade teacher at Polk Elementary School