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Maintenance and Capital Renewal and Replacement

Salt Lake County has numerous facilities valued, collectively, at over $1 billion. These facilities are public assets that have been acquired through the investment of tax dollars over many years. It is our responsibility to make sure they function as intended, they are safe and accessible for the public and that we get the greatest possible value from the public investment.  

One way in which the County can measure our success in this area is by applying industry standards and comparing our efforts to those standards.  Based on our research, we have determined the appropriate total budget allocation for routine maintenance and capital renewal and replacement is in the range of 2 to 4 percent of the aggregate current replacement value of owned facilities. When a backlog of deferred maintenance has been allowed to accumulate, spending must exceed this minimum level until the backlog has been eliminated. 


Percentage of Current Replacement Value of Owned Facilities

  • Industry Standard: 2%-4%
  • Salt Lake County: 3.84%

Percentage Based on

  • Total Building Value: $1,076,638,420
  • Total Budget Allocation for Maintenance and Capital Renewal and Replacement: $41,300,503

Facilities Management
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