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Salt Lake County Economic Development conducted research into the Future of Jobs in 2019 through in-person interviews and local focus groups, which can now be explored in the “Automation Brief Report 2020: Workers and Jobs in an Automated Economy” and “ ‘I Don’t Get What’s Valued’: A Report on Employee Values and Satisfaction.”

The purpose of these reports is to help businesses and industries meet the changes of the local economy, especially in a post-coronavirus world.


Automation Brief.png

Automation Brief Report 2020

Automated Labor: Workers and Jobs in an Automated Economy

The goal of this report has been obtain an in-depth understanding of how automation will impact the lives of Salt Lake County residents and businesses, as well as the individuals employed by those businesses. The report includes findings and an automation adaptation guide for individuals, businesses and governments.

Download the Automation Brief Report.

Employee Values Cover.png

"I Don't Get What's Valued"

A Report on Employee Values and Satisfaction

Economic Development seeks answers to questions about employment experience in the workforce from nine employee focus groups held in the Summer of 2019. What motivates our workforce? What considerations do they weigh? What work values are priorities to employees? This information is valuable to industries and businesses, large and small, in recruiting and retaining skilled employees.

Download the Employee Value Report.

Future of Jobs- Potential Policy.png

Executive Summary

Highlights from Employee Values & Jobs in an Automated Economy

Read the highlights from these reports in our Executive Summary that includes:

  • The impact of automation
  • Automation probability and median annual wage by occupation
  • Jobs with highest growth projections
  • Potential policy responses
  • Recommendations for improving employee satisfaction
  • Rankings of employee values within the workplace
Download the Executive Summary.

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