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Students of any major with an interest in government, public service, politics, and communication should consider an internship with the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office.These internships last for one semester, and they all incorporate opportunities for mentorship and learning about how county government functions. Interns are also invited to participate in Lunch and Learns. These lunches provide the opportunity to network with other interns and community leaders while discussing a variety of topics such as leadership, work-life balance, and personal growth.

Current Opportunities

News and Communications

This internship focuses on supporting the Mayor’s Communications and Community Engagement teams with outreach in the community. The intern assists in developing and implementing social media strategies as well as helping research, plan, and carry out a variety of events with the goal of promoting civic engagement throughout our community.

Diversity Affairs

This internship focuses on supporting the efforts of the Mayor’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. The mission of the Office is to support and promote an inclusive community and government for all through dialogue, respect, action, and celebration and bring about meaningful and sustainable change that unites and strengthens Salt Lake County. The intern assists in the planning and production of events; assists in maintaining the Office’s website; actively participates with the Council on Diversity Affairs; and manages and schedules diversity training sessions in the community.

Government Relations (Spring term only)

This internship focuses on supporting the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office with government relations between federal, state, and local jurisdictions. It involves working with various county departments and external agencies/organizations to coordinate activities, support government relations efforts, and participate in legislative meetings. The internship may also include grant research and preparation, coordination between stakeholders, and contributing feedback based on research.

Office for New Americans

This internship focuses on supporting the efforts of the Mayor’s Office for New Americans. The mission of the Office is to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Salt Lake County by maximizing their civic, social, and economic potential. The intern assists in organizing and holding a wide variety of events in the community as well as conducting research for specific projects on issues pertaining to the New American residents.

Special Projects

This internship focuses on supporting the efforts of the Office of Mayor’s Initiatives and Special Projects, which oversees a range of policy initiatives, special projects, program partnerships, and funding collaborations that help achieve Mayor Wilson’s vision for a greater Salt Lake metropolitan area. The intern learns how to perform research and undertake data collection that informs policy; how to plan and execute outreach efforts both internally and externally within a large government organization; and how to lead cross-sector engagement with stakeholders internal and external to a government organization.

Internship Dates and Application Deadlines

Semester Begins Ends When to Apply
Spring January April October 15 - November 15
Summer May August February 15 - March 15
Fall August December June 1 - 30

Contact Michelle Hicks at or 385-468-7008 for more information about internships in the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office.

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Zechariah Haws

"During my internship Patrick Reimherr, Senior Advisor and Government Relations Director, showed a great deal of trust in me. He allowed me to work with SLCo senior staff, Utah legislators, and prominent business leaders on a regular basis. I was tasked with supervising the tracking of important bills, coordinating our weekly legislative meetings, and drafting talking points for bill hearings that Patrick would testify at.

I was given the opportunity to personally petition Utah senators and representatives for their support of key SLCo bills, and worked with lobbyists to ensure that the bills would be pass into law. I am most proud of being able to assist with the passing of H.B.436: Housing and Homeless Reform Initiative. This bill will restructure the Utah homeless services system to ensure that the most vulnerable in our state are protected from poverty, crime, and corruption. If you want an internship that exposes you to the greatest and most talented minds in the state, gives you opportunities to grow, builds your network, and prepares you for your future goals, I highly recommend becoming a legislative intern for the Salt Lake County Mayor's Office. I want to thank Mayor McAdams, Patrick Reimherr, Kara Trevino, Shaleane Gee, and many others who made this internship the highlight of my undergraduate education." -Zechariah Haws

David Figueroa

"My experience working under Beth Mitchell as part of the Salt Lake County’s Office of Innovation, Data, & Engagement has been an incredibly enriching experience. Beyond simply helping divisions improve their productivity and efficiency, I was afforded the opportunity to work with fantastic government professionals dedicated to bettering the lives of people throughout the County. It was fascinating and humbling to spend time learning the purposes and workflows of so many County divisions. From Code Enforcement to Addressing to Real Estate, I’m leaving my internship with a newfound appreciation for government employees.

Perhaps the most valuable takeaway from my internship, however, are the critical “soft-skills” that you simply can’t learn in university lectures or assignments. From day one, Beth gave me full responsibility for several meaningful projects and expected me to see them out to completion without overt supervision. These projects required ongoing multi-level project management and communication skills to a degree far beyond what had been asked of me throughout my four years as an undergrad. Furthermore, I had to learn how to innovate and motivate myself beyond a syllabus or rubric, both extremely valuable life skills that are imperative for any prospective employee in today’s job market. You can have all the degrees and credentials in the world, but without these skills, you simply won’t accomplish much with a team in the workplace.

Learning the ins and outs of how the County operates (i.e. how divisions are organized and interact with each other) was perhaps the most challenging aspect of the internship initially. Throughout my internship, I communicated and worked with members of literally every other division throughout the County (on their outcomes & indicators).

Overall, I deeply appreciated my time as an SLCo intern. I can honestly say that it has and will continue to be the catalyst for professional growth that I needed to be successful beyond the walls of a college classroom. I am incredibly grateful for my internship and look forward to contributing to its growth as a member of its community.” –David Figueroa

Carly Lansche

"Compared to other internship positions I have held, my time in Mayor Ben McAdams’ Office has been, by far, the most valuable and rewarding. I have had a very positive experience in helping to facilitate oversight of the county’s 62 boards and commissions, in creating content for the Youth Government program, and in meeting many influential community leaders." –Carly Lansche