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COVID Vaccine

Updated January 26, 2021


When and where can I be vaccinated?
Because Utah currently has a limited supply of COVID vaccine, the Utah Department of Health is prioritizing who will receive the vaccine when.

  • Healthcare Workers can be vaccinated now.
    • Hospital healthcare workers are being vaccinated by their employers.
    • Long-term care facility healthcare workers are being vaccinated via their employers by national pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens, along with Community Nursing Services.
    • All other healthcare workers who live or work in Salt Lake County are being vaccinated by Salt Lake County Health Department; proof of current, active employment as a healthcare worker is required. Click here to schedule your appointment.

  • EMS Workers and First Responders can be vaccinated now. EMS workers and first responders who live or work in Salt Lake County are being vaccinated by Salt Lake County Health Department through their employers. Talk to your agency for information about when and where you can be vaccinated.

  • School Staff in Salt Lake County are eligible to be vaccinated by Community Nursing Services (CNS) now through their school or district. Click here for information from CNS about when each district is scheduled.

  • Utahns 70 and Older
    Under the State of Utah’s latest vaccine distribution plan (revised January 8), Utahns 70 and older will be vaccine-eligible on January 18. Sign up to be notified when COVID vaccine appointments are available.

  • Utahns 65 and Older
    We currently anticipate that COVID vaccine will be available to Utahns 65 and older in March 2021. You do not need to “sign up” or “get on the list” to be vaccinated; in March or April, we expect the vaccine to be available to Utah seniors at a variety of community locations, including your local pharmacy, your doctor’s office, and our Salt Lake County Health Department public health centers.

  • All Utahns
    We expect vaccine to be available to all Utahns by summer 2021.
Safety and Efficacy

In the United States, there are many steps in place to make sure vaccines are safe and effective. These steps include clinical trials and reviews by many independent scientists, medical professionals, and public health experts. The COVID vaccine has undergone these rigorous steps, just like all vaccines; no steps were skipped or rushed.


There is no cost to you to be vaccinated. If you have health insurance, vaccine providers (including Salt Lake County Health Department) may bill your insurance a vaccine administration fee. If you do not have insurance, you will not be charged.


It is important to continue following COVID precautions even after you've been vaccinated; it can take time after vaccination for the body to build its immune response. We will also need a large portion of our population vaccinated before we can begin phasing out face coverings, social distancing, and other infection prevention precautions—and that will take several months.