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Appointments for People 65+ in SLCo

To schedule an appointment, you must live in Salt Lake County and be 65 or older.

If you do not meet the criteria, you will be turned away from your appointment.


On the registration screen, you will see vaccination locations and their corresponding registration codes. In the field below the blue line, enter the registration code for the location you would like to visit, then select your date and time and enter your information.

Couples who wish to schedule concurrent or adjacent appointments must schedule on the date the younger of the two is eligible, and they must schedule each person separately.

Please check your email address carefully; an incorrectly entered email address will prevent us from sending your appointment confirmation and check-in barcode.  

If you do not have both a home phone and a cell phone, use the phone number you do have in both the “home phone” and “cell phone” fields.

Proceed to Age Verification