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Green Business Program


The health department’s Green Business Program helps area businesses improve their environmental practices in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Pollution prevention
  • Water conservation
  • Overall sustainability

Consumers are more likely to patronize a business that employs environmentally friendly practices, and being environmentally friendly will save businesses money, too.

Green Business Program
Environmental Health Division
Salt Lake County Health Department
788 East Woodoak Lane (5380 South)
Murray, UT 84107


  • Save money: one participating business plans to save $50,000 this year by simply reducing electricity use by 10%.
  • Help the environment: the average restaurant uses 300,000 gallons of water and produces 100,000 pounds of waste each year. Do your part to lessen your impact!
  • Protect precious water resources in Salt Lake County: simple pollution prevention techniques can keep pollutants out of the storm drain system, where they flow directly into our streams, rivers, and lakes.
  • Get public recognition as a green business: certified Salt Lake County Green Businesses can label themselves as such on advertising materials, menus, websites, etc. You’ll also be listed on our website as a certified Salt Lake County Green Business.

How it Works

We help participating businesses set 3–5 simple goals for the upcoming year. These might include:

  • Reducing water use by 10%.
  • Reducing electricity use by 10%.
  • Reducing waste hauls by one per month through recycling efforts.
  • Purchasing local products.
  • Educating workers to improve pollution prevention.

For example:

Goal #1: Reduce water use by 10%

  • Install a low-flow pre-rinse nozzle on dishwashing sinks.
  • Train staff on water conservation.
  • Purchase waterless urinals, low-flow toilets.

Goal #2: Reduce trash hauls by 1 per month

  • Recycle as much as possible and hire recycling hauler.
  • Train employees on proper recycling.
  • Provide recycling bin options to customers.

Goal #3: Reduce electricity use by 10%

  • Switch from regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent lights.
  • Regularly inspect and clean HVAC filters.
  • Install inexpensive motion-actived light switches in bathrooms.

Goal #4: Improve pollution prevention techniques

  • Use dry cleaning methods instead of water (sweep instead of pressure washing, etc.).
  • Train employees on pollution prevention.
  • Switch to less toxic cleaners.

Goal #5: Become a more sustainable business


Any business in Salt Lake County is eligible to participate. There is no cost to participating businesses.

To apply, contact the Green Business Program:

Green Business Program
Environmental Health Division
Salt Lake County Health Department
788 East Woodoak Lane (5380 South)
Murray, UT 84107


To get more information about how much your business consumes, or to set up energy or waste audits, please contact the following organizations. If you need assistance, please contact us and we can also walk you through the process or help you contact the appropriate organization.


Natural Gas

Free Waste Audit

Recycling Services

Local Business Alliance


Other Resources

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