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Emergency Preparedness Resources

The resources on this page will help you and your family prepare for and stay safe in an emergency.

FirstAidKit Alo SUPPLIES FirstAidKit Alo SUPPLIES

Preparedness Planning

Prepare yourself and your family for emergencies. Learn how to create an emergency plan, build a disaster supply kit, and develop business continuity strategies to ensure your organization can withstand and recover from disruptions.

A car that has been in a ditch. A car that has been in a ditch.

Severe Weather Preparedness

Be ready for severe weather events. Discover how to stay safe during hazardous weather conditions such as storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Learn about flood preparedness and steps to protect your property.

A few people sitting at a table. A few people sitting at a table.

Community Engagement

Engage with your community and contribute to its resilience. Join Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), explore volunteer opportunities, and participate in community resilience programs. Discover resources tailored to meet the needs of special populations, rural areas, and agricultural communities.