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Restaurant Patios Approved to Allow Dogs

Approved Patios

The following food service establishments in Salt Lake County received a variance permitting them to allow dogs on their outdoor dining patio for summer dining season 2021.

  • Brewhouse Pub 
    1722 South Fremont Drive
  • Brickyard Bar
    3000 South Highland Drive
  • Campfire Lounge 
    837 East 2100 South 
  • Caputo’s on 15th  
    1516 South 1500 East 
  • Even Stevens
    2030 South 900 East
  • Feldman's Deli
    2005 East 2700 South
  • Fisher Brewing Company 
    320 West 800 South 
  • Flatbread  
    1044 East 2100 South
  • Garage Grill
    1122 East Draper Parkway
  • Gourmandise
    250 South 300 East
    725 East 12300 South
  • Grid City Beer Works
    333 West 2100 South
  • Handlebar
    751 North 300 West
  • Hopkins Brewing
    1048 East 2100 South
  • Ice Haus
    7 West 4800 South
  • Les Madeleines
    216 East 500 South
  • Lofte's Bar and Grill
    2106 West North Temple
  • Log Haven 
    6451 East Millcreek Canyon Road 
  • Mountain West Hard Cider Co
    425 North 400 West
  • One0eight
    1709 East 1300 South
  • Park Cafe
    604 East 1300 South
  • Pig and a Jelly Jar
    401 East 900 South
    1968 East Murray-Holladay Road
  • The Point After
    5445 South 900 East
  • Proper Burger Company
    865 South Main Street
  • Red Rock Place
    6227 South State Street
  • Riverbank Bar
    1306 East Woodland Avenue
  • Root'd Cafe
    2577 East Bengal Boulevard
  • Shades Brewing
    154 West Utopia Avenue
  • Squatters  
    147 West Broadway 
  • Stratford Proper
    1588 East Stratford Avenue
  • Taqueria 27 
    149 East 200 South 
    1615 South Foothill Drive 
    4670 South Holladay Boulevard
    6154 South State Street 
  • Tea Zaanti
    1944 South 1100 East
  • Templin Family Brewing
    936 South 300 West
  • Trolley Wing Company
    602 East 500 South
  • Vessel Kitchen
    905 East 900 South
  • Wasatch Brew Pub 
    2110 South Highland Drive
  • Zest
    275 South 200 West



The Salt Lake County food service regulation prohibits animals—except qualifying ADA service dogs—in food service establishments. (Under federal law, service dogs individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability must be allowed in all public areas of all food service establishments. Emotional support animals, comfort animals, and therapy animals are not considered service animals under federal law.)

To receive “dog patio” approval, dog-friendly food-service businesses must submit a special processes safety plan (HACCP plan), pay the HACCP plan review fee of $330, and agree to a few simple rules:

  • Establishment must post signs that notify patrons that dogs may be on the premises
  • The patio must have an outdoor entrance so dogs don’t have to go through an interior dining area, and there must be self-closing doors between the patio and interior area
  • The patio must be cleaned with animal-friendly chemicals at the beginning of each shift, or every six hours if the business does not have defined shifts
  • Any dog bathroom “accidents” must be cleaned and the area sanitized within 5 minutes
  • Wait staff and other restaurant food-handlers may not touch any dog
  • Dogs must remain on-leash, and must have collars with current license and rabies tag
  • Dogs may not be on tables or chairs
  • Dogs should be given water in a disposable container, but may not eat food (including dog food or treats)
  • Dogs may not have contact with any dishes or utensils

The variance is good for one year and establishments in good standing may renew it in subsequent years for a $130 fee.

To apply for the variance, contact the Food Protection Bureau at 385-468-3845.