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Parents as Teachers

Being a parent is hard work! Let us help support you through your parenting journey, and at no cost to you.

Parents as Teachers helps you understand child development and connects you to the resources you need to make the best decisions for your family.

We partner with you to promote optimal early learning development and health of your child by supporting and engaging you as their parent.

In this free program, you will receive:

  • Free home visits each month from a parent educator with an agenda that you set together
  • Monthly socialization activities with other families
  • Age-appropriate screenings and assessments to keep your child on track and growing their best
  • Assistance with community resource connections

Ideally, families stay in the program for 2 years but children can stay until age 5. Learn more below or reach out to our team!



A group of people sitting in chairs. A group of people sitting in chairs.


A child drawing on a paper. A child drawing on a paper.


Parents as Teachers is available to families:

  • who live in Salt Lake County and
  • who meet income requirements and
  • who have children less than 3 years old or
  • who are pregnant


To start the enrollment process for Parents as Teachers, or to refer a client for enrollment, please complete our Home Visiting Interest Form.