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Spring Millet


Milium vernale - Poaceae Family

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  • Flowers: Open panicles are green to purplish, and up to 8 inches long
  • Seeds:  Smooth and glossy, oval, 1.7mm to 2.0mm long. Brown streaks give the appearance of wood grain. Spring millet spreads only by seed.
  • Leaves: Flat, ¼ inches wide and 4 inches long.
  • Flowering Time:  Stems each produce one cluster of flowers in the spring.
  • Life cycle:  Winter annual grass that grows up to 2 ½ feet tall, with drooping, upright or spreading stems. Seed heads appear in May, and seeds mature in June.


  • A pest of winter wheat, Spring millet usually travels with the grain and gets planted with the crop. Once established it infests surrounding pastures.
  • Native to Eurasia, Spring millet was found infesting winter wheat and other crops in north-central Idaho. Although there have been no other reported occurrences in North America, the infestation in Idaho is spreading rapidly.



Most effective control methods

  • Little information or research currently exists on the control of Spring millet.
  • According to several Idaho noxious weed control guidelines, spring tillage may control this plant.
  • Currently no herbicides are labeled for its control.
  • There are no biological controls for Spring millet at this time.


Large Images


Enzo De Santis

Spring millet



Jose Quiles

Spring millet



Enzo De Santis

Spring millet: stem and foliage



Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Spring millet: seeds



Enzo De Santis

Spring millet



Enzo De Santis

Spring millet: roots



Jose Quiles

Spring millet



Enzo De Santis

Spring millet


  • Spring Millet Fact Sheet

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