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Biometric Screening

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Lifestyles has suspended in-person biometric screenings until further notice. However, we are continuing to support you in your wellness journey virtually. Below you will find instructions for joining, restarting, or continuing your Healthy Lifestyles participation:

New Participants/Restarting Participants:

To join or restart Healthy Lifestyles and begin earning points towards an annual rebate, new and restarting participants will need to watch a 30-minute New Participant Orientation Webinar and complete the registration form. Email for access to the New Participant Orientation Webinar and link to the registration form.

Current Participants due for a Biometric Screening:

Healthy Lifestyles will be emailing participants during their assigned month to complete an online Biometric Screening alternate activity. Once participants complete the alternate activity, Healthy Lifestyles will calculate points earned in the past year and issue a rebate based on participant’s total points.

What to Expect at Your Biometric Screening

Before the Screening
  • Schedule an appointment via Appointments Plus or call 385.468.4062.
  • Drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and strenuous exercises 1-hour prior to your appointment to ensure accurate results. 
  • Please wear short sleeves or loose fitting clothing for the blood pressure readings.
  • Current participants: Upload medical forms 2-weeks prior to your appointment and update Wellsteps activities 7 days before your schedule appointment. 
At the Screening

• You will check-in by completing the biometric screening form, PHI consent, and Code of Conduct form.

• If you are pregnant or use a pacemaker, please notify the Healthy Lifestyles representative at check-in as this will modify the biometrics measured at your appointment.

• A Health Educator will measure the following biometrics at your appointment:

  • Non-fasting Total Cholesterol
  • Non-fasting Glucose
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Composition 

• The appointment will conclude with a health coaching session where a Healthy Lifestyles coach will review your biometric results and help you develop personal wellness goals for the upcoming year.

After the Screening
  • New participants will receive a 'Welcome Email' from Wellsteps. Note: You must receive this email before setting up your Wellsteps account. 
  • Current participants will receive a taxable rebate on their paycheck within 4 to 6 weeks of their biometric screening and all Wellsteps points will be reset.
  • All participants will receive Healthy Lifestyles emails with information about upcoming programs, challenges, and workshops.