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Earning a Rebate

Your Healthy Lifestyles incentive is based on points accumulated through participation in healthy behaviors. 

  • $50: 0 - 449 points
  • $175: 450 - 699 points
  • $200: 700 - 899 points
  • $250: 900 + points
  • Go the Extra Mile: Earn 1000 points or more throughout the year and be recognized in the Healthy Lifestyles Extra Miler Club! Eligible participants will be recognized for going the extra mile with the program (with permission) and will be entered in for a number of prize drawings.

Your rebate is a taxable cash incentive* that is included on your (or the employee's) paycheck 6-8 weeks after your screening. 

Points start the month you begin and will go on a 12 month basis. (i.e. if you start in May your points will accumulate May to May of the following year)

You can earn points during your biometric screening, through logging healthy behaviors on Wellsteps and participating in health activities and challenges throughout the year. See below for more details:


Particpants log into once each month to track and record points for the following:

  • Tracking healthy behaviors (water consumption, wearing a seat belt, etc.).
  • Attending events, classes, and/or completing programs.
  • Medical exams (Complete the PHI Consent in order to receive wellness points*) including:
    • Flu shots
    • Physical
    • Pap smear
    • Dental exam
    • Mammogram
    • Prostate exam
    • Colonoscopy
    • Prenatal (1st trimester)
    • *If not enrolled in a SLCo Health Plan, you can earn credit by submitting a medical exam form or an Explanation of Benefits Statement. 

  • is the main hub to track points for the year. Read more about WellSteps.

*Read more about PHI consent to learn how to receive points for your wellness visits AND to receive your HSA contributions if enrolled in the HDHP/HSA plan.

  • Employees complete PHI consent via the Peoplesoft portal
  • Spouses/adult designees complete PHI consent through this form and submit back to 


How to Prepare for your biometric screening
  1. Be sure to record your progress in WellSteps the month of your clinic visit before coming to your clinic appointment, even if your appointment is at the beginning of the month! If your appointment falls before the end of the month, estimate your points to the best of your ability.
  2. Submit your medical forms a minimum of 7 days before your scheduled clinic appointment! Please submit your forms one of the following ways:
    • Via WellSteps: Upload as an attachment to the activity
    • Email: Scanned and emailed to
    • Courier: Attn-Healthy Lifestyles, GC S2-600
    • Fax: 385.468.4096
    • Drop box: place paper copies in the drop box located outside the Healthy Me clinic at the Government Center (S2-600)
  3. Please remember to wear short sleeves or loose fitting clothing. Rolled sleeves must not restrict circulation when your blood pressure is taken.
  4. Drink plenty of water so you are well hydrated, and please avoid caffeine to ensure most accurate results while at your visit.
  5. Use the restroom prior to coming to clinic. A full bladder can affect your results.
  6. Please notify Healthy Lifestyles staff if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, this may alter how we track your progress.


What to expect during your annual Biometric Screening

During your yearly biometric screening you will be able to earn points for being in a healthy range as well as for dropping from an unhealthy range to a healthy range from the previous year.

  • Blood pressure (In range= 30 points. Improvement from previous year= 5- 25 points.)
  • Cholesterol (In range= 30 points. Improvement from previous year= 5- 50 points.)
  • Glucose (In range= 10 points. Improvement from previous year= 5- 25 points.)
  • Body Composition (In range= 30 points. Improvement from previous year= 10 points for 1% fat dropped.)
  • If your cholesterol, blood pressure, or glucose were high at clinic, complete the doctor follow up form for 100 points. (1/year)


Tobacco Free

Be tobacco free for 11 consecutive months and receive 50 points. Fill out these forms each month. If you quit smoking there is an additional incentive for those who have been tobacco free for 11 consecutive months. For help on quitting, visit or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. This service is free.