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Biometric Screening


Your Annual Biometric Screening

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You attend a biometric screening once a year; your initial visit establishes which month you will return annually. We track your progress by measuring cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, and body composition.

At your second visit, we will track your progress again and calculate your incentive based on the points you have earned throughout the year.

You must attend a biometric screening within 15 months of your initial, or previous, visit (i.e. if you come in Feb 2011 you need to come in by May 2012). The taxed incentive will be attached to the employee's paycheck within 4-6 weeks. 

Scheduling Your Appointment

We hold 4-5 biometric screenings each month (except July) at various locations throughout Salt Lake County.

You can see where they are and schedule your appointment online. You can also call 385.468.4062 to schedule an appointment.  You will receive two email reminders prior to your scheduled month. However, each participant is responsible to call and schedule his or her appointment.

How to Prepare for your Biometric Screening
  1. Be sure to record your progress in WellSteps the month of your clinic visit before coming to your clinic appointment, even if your appointment is at the beginning of the month! If your appointment falls before the end of the month, estimate your points to the best of your ability.
  2. Submit your medical forms a minimum of 7 days before your scheduled clinic appointment! Please submit your forms one of the following ways:
    • Via WellSteps: Upload as an attachment to the activity
    • Email: Scanned and emailed to
    • Courier: Attn-Healthy Lifestyles, GC S2-600
    • Fax: 385.468.4096
    • Drop box: place paper copies in the drop box located outside the Healthy Me clinic at the Government Center (S2-500)
  3. Please remember to wear short sleeves or loose fitting clothing. Rolled sleeves must not restrict circulation when your blood pressure is taken.
  4. Drink plenty of water so you are well hydrated, and please avoid caffeine to ensure most accurate results while at your visit.
  5. Use the restroom prior to coming to clinic. A full bladder can affect your results.
  6. Please notify Healthy Lifestyles staff if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, this may alter how we track your progress.
Information Regarding Screening Stations
  • During your screening a few health measures are tested and you will end your visit with a health coach.
  • Participants receive points for maintaining healthy values or improving values between visits for the following:
  • Cholesterol: We measure cholesterol through a simple finger prick test. A healthy total cholesterol value is 200 or below.
  • Glucose: We measure glucose through the same test we use to measure cholesterol. A healthy glucose level (non-fasting) is 140 or below.
  • Blood Pressure: We measure blood pressure using an electric cuff. A healthy reading is 120/80 or below.
  • Body Composition: We measure body composition using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, which is one of the most reliable methods of screening body composition. The measurement is taken using a Tanita scale, much like a general weight scale. Participants who are pregnant or have a pacemaker are unable to have their body composition measured.
At check-out Healthy Lifestyles staff will:
  • Briefly discuss your results for each health indicator
  • Help you identify any health risks
  • Provide you with educational materials and referrals
  • Calculate your total points and rebate
  • Answer any remaining questions