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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my rebate?

It will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for you to receive your taxable rebate on the SLCo employee’s paycheck following your annual biometric screening. Spouses and adult designees rebate will be attached to the employee’s paycheck.

Why is my Healthy Lifestyles cash rebate taxed?

According to IRS Memo 201622031, an employer may not exclude from an employee’s gross income payments of cash rewards for participating in a wellness program.

I only work part time. Am I eligible to participate in the Healthy Lifestyles program?

Anyone who is eligible for Salt Lake County benefits can participate in the program and receive the cash rebate. If you are not eligible for benefits, you can still participate in the wellness challenges and events that Healthy Lifestyles hosts.

Can my spouse or adult designee participate in the program?

Yes! Please have them call our office at (385) 468-4062 to make an appointment. 

Do I need an appointment to attend a biometric screening?

Yes. An appointment is necessary in order to attend your biometric screening. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling our office (385) 468-4062. Note: You must schedule an appointment within 15 months of your initial or previous biometric screening to earn an annual rebate.

I am unable to attend my biometric screening appointment, what should I do?

You can reschedule an appointment online or by calling (385) 468-4062.  

Do I need to fast for my biometric screening appointment?

No, we use non-fasting glucose and cholesterol hearings. We do recommend being hydrate and avoiding strenuous exercise and caffeine 1-hour prior to your appointment to ensure accurate results.  

How do I log my points?

All Healthy Lifestyles participants use to log their points. Login using your EIN as your username or EIN+1 for spouses and adult designees. 

Where do Healthy Lifestyles programs take place?

Healthy Lifestyles offers a variety of online programs, traveling and virtual workshops, and biometric screenings that span from Clark Planetarium to Herriman Library. Healthy Lifestyles also recruits Healthy Lifestyles ‘champions’ to coordinate wellness events are their worksite. Email us at if you are interested in becoming a Healthy Lifestyles champion.

How do I track which activities I have completed?
Participants can see what they have completed on their WellSteps account under the History tab in the Rewards section. Medical exams may be pending until Healthy Lifestyles receives verification from insurance vendors.