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Healthy Lifestyles offers incentives based on participation in healthy behaviors.


ALL SLCo employees & spouses or adult designees who are eligible for benefits (i.e. merit, appointed, time-limited) are eligible for the Healthy Lifestyles cash rebate up to $250 each year. Note: You do not have to utilize county benefits to participate, you just have to be eligible. 


Rebates are based on a points system. The more points you accumulate the higher the rebate. Your rebate will be included on the SLCo employee's paycheck as a taxable benefit 4 to 6 weeks after your annual biometric screening. Please note that cash rebates to employee's paychecks are taxable due to IRS Memo 201622031. 

  • $50: 0 - 449 points
  • $175: 450 - 699 points
  • $200: 700 - 899 points
  • $250: 900 + points
  • Go the Extra Mile: Earn 1000 points or more throughout the year and be recognized in the Healthy Lifestyles Extra Miler Club! Eligible participants will be entered in for a number of prize drawings.

Earning Points: 

Points start the month of your first biometric screening and will go on a 12 month basis. (i.e. if you start in May your points will accumulate May to May of the following year)

You can earn points by attending a biometric screening, workshops, logging healthy behaviors on Wellsteps, and participating in health activities and challenges throughout the year. View point progress on your WellSteps account throughout year. 

HSA Incentive:

Participants who are enrolled in the SLCo Health Savings Account health plan, attends a biometric screening each year, and is an active Healthy Lifestyles participant is eligible for an HSA incentive up to $275 a year.

Beginning 2021, employees and adult designees non-taxed HSA incentive will be based on points accumulated though participation in the Healthy Lifestyles program. 

  • $50: 0 - 449 points
  • $175: 450 - 699 points
  • $200: 700 - 899 points
  • $275: 900 + points

HSA incentives will be deposited based on the schedule below. Participants HSA incentive corresponds with their biometric screening. 

HSA Incentive Deposit Schedule 

Screening Month HSA Incentive Deposit 
Jan - March April 
April - June July
July - September October
October - December  January 
  • Participants switching to a traditional health plan must contact Healthy Lifestyles by December 1st to receive their HSA incentive before the end of the calendar year. 
  • Upcoming retirees must inform Healthy Lifestyles 30 days before their last paycheck to receive HSA incentive based on their current points so as long as their previous payment was NOT within the last 6 months.
  • Employees switching to a non-benefits eligible position or leave the county for reasons other than retirement forfeit their HSA incentive.


Be tobacco free for 12 consecutive months and receive 50 points.  If you quit smoking there is an additional $300 incentive for those who have been tobacco free for 11 consecutive months. Fill out these forms each month and email to For help on quitting, visit or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW. This service is free.