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Wild Winter

Join Healthy Lifestyles' Health Educator Morgan Daily & guest, Caden Handley, as they promote WINTER SAFETY! This month's WellCast helps us to prepare for the unexpected before heading out on our wild winter adventures!


Money & Emotions

Money can feel messy, complicated, and very emotional. It can also feel freeing, exciting, and even adventurous. Cassandra Fuentes from Mountain America Credit Union joins the Wellcast to explain how money can be a tool for happiness and fulfillment. 


Finding Your Why Through Service

"Everyone can be great because everybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love." - Martin Luther King, Jr. Take a moment to serve those around you this holiday season, and most importantly continually throughout the months to come. To serve others means that you are doing something for the benefit and goodwill of another person or a group of people. When we serve, we are part of something bigger than ourselves and our situation. We look outside of ourselves, past our problems, and look to help others, bringing value, love and kindness.


Gentle Nutrition During the Holidays

Learn how to savor your food and feel healthy this holiday season with Health Educator, Brooke Avei and Harmon's Dietician, Hannah Langley. 


Everyday Environmentalist

You can make a big impact with a few small actions. Learn how you can become an everyday environmentalist with our very own Jayne Hansen & Brittany Parry.


Planting the Seeds of Hope

Alyssa Mitchell stops by for Suicide Prevention Month to spread hope for suicide prevention. Alyssa is the Utah Department of Health and Human Services but has been doing work in Suicide Prevention for 7 years. Alyssa is a certified Question. Persuade. Refer. trainer and Vital Cognition trainer. In addition to providing suicide prevention at a community level, Alyssa now oversees the Zero Suicide Program at the Utah Department of Health and Human Services assisting clinics with implementing policies to identify patients at risk for suicide and connecting them with the necessary care and follow up. Alyssa currently lives in Layton, UT with her husband James and their daughters Zoey and Myla. 


Feeling the Burn: Workplace Burnout

When you read the phrase ‘workplace burnout’, what words pop into your mind instantly? Stressed, impatient, easily irritated, overwhelmed, easily distracted mentally and the list can go on and on, right? Job burnout is a special type of work related stress - a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and even a loss of personal identity. This can impact your physical and mental health. Take time now to reflect on how to know if you are experiencing workplace/job burnout. If you aren't sure what workplace burnout looks like, or if you have identified that you are experiencing it/see that you can see yourself getting close, don’t worry, we have a whole podcast episode for you to tune-in to.


Social Wellness 101

Learn how to stretch your social wellness muscles after the loneliest two years. It's time to get out and be together. 


8 Tips for a Healthy Summer

Brooke & Jayne share 8 tips for creating a summer full of health and happiness. 


Go Beyond Weight Loss

Go Beyond Weight Loss with Sadie + Jayne as they interview Utah State University dietician and author Brooke Parker on ditching the diet mentality and creating health beyond the number on the scale. 


Developing a Habit

We all know that healthy habits can help us feel better, live longer, and improve the overall quality of our life, but just because we know this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy to do. This podcast explores how habits are formed and how to develop healthy and productive ones that you will stick to. 


How To Get A Good Night Sleep

Sleep is something that all of us do but yet some of us struggle with. Sleep Expert Rich Shoenfeld from Lone Peak Hospital Sleep Disorders Clinic shares with listeners 'How To Get A Good Night Sleep', whether you are working a graveyard shift, experiencing nightmares, or just stressed out. 

Wanting more information about sleep? 

Healthy Sleep 

Sleep Foundation

Sleep Disorder Resources

Sleep Disorders Associated With Being A Parent Workshop


Mindful & Intuitive Eating

Registered Dietician Megan Steinbach takes a break from her role at St. Mark's to discuss Mindful & Intuitive Eating with Healthy Lifestyles coordinators. 

Mindful & Intuitive Eating resources:

Intuitive Eating: Non-Diet Approach Book

Why Isn't This Diet Working? Workshop

Mindful & Intuitive Eating Workshop


Ask a Financial Expert "Investing & Retirement"

The Mountain America Credit Union team is back to answer SLCo employees investing and retirement questions during Financial Wellness Month.


Ask a Financial Expert "Debt & Budgeting"

Healthy Lifestyles Coordinators relay participants financial questions to the experts at Mountain America Credit Union to boost employee financial wellness. 

Financial Wellness Resources: 

Mint - personal financial management app

URS Calculators 

Acorns - saving and investing app 

You Need a Budget - budgeting and personal finance app

Every Dollar - a personalized budgeting tool


Rewiring Anxiety

Jayne and Sadie from the Healthy Lifestyles team helps participants discover how to use anxiety to their advantage. 


Getting Excited Helps Performance

National Alliance on Mental Health

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

A Little Anxiety is Sometimes a Good Thing


Cancer Awareness

It's not enough to know that cancer just exists. To bring more awareness to cancer, we have Brighton Loveday, a nurse practitioner in the Supportive Oncology & Survivorship Program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, on the podcast with us. This is an episode you won't want to miss as we talk about changes in cancer treatment, supporting loved ones through a cancer diagnosis, and much more.

What To Know About: 

Skin Cancer Screenings 

Colorectal Cancer Screenings

Cervical Cancer Screenings

Head and Neck Cancer Screenings

Prostate Cancer Screenings




Health Educator, Jayne Hansen and Healthy Lifestyles Intern, Haley McCallum share their tips on incorporating self-care into your everyday routine. 

Mindful Mondays with Jayne on YouTube 

Tips to Care for Yourself One Small Way Each Day 


Building Resiliency & Adapting to Change

Salt Lake County's finest, Vicky Westmoreland from Behavioral Health joins the Healthy Lifestyles coordinators to discuss how to build resiliency and adapt to change in our uncertain world.

Access books, websites and additional resources that help support and build your resiliency. 


Busting Health Myths

The Healthy Lifestyles team busts the most common health myths in the first episode of the Healthy Lifestyles Wellcast.

Learn more information on how to determine what is myth vs. what is fact when to comes to health information.