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Coach Information

Interested in coaching with Salt Lake County Youth Hockey?  

Contact the Program Coordinator at the rink you would like to volunteer at for details:

Long-Term Athlete Development Stages

Long-Term Athlete Development Stages
File Size
01 - Active Start (Ages 0-6) 60 kB
02 - FUNdamentals (Ages 6-9) 90 kB
03 - Learn to Train (Ages 9-12) 90 kB
04 - Train to Train (Ages 12-16) 79 kB
05 - Learn to Compete (Ages 16-19) 74 kB
05 - Train to Win (Ages 19-23) 64 kB

Small Area Games

Small Area Games
File Size
Paul Willett Small Area Game Manual 4621 kB
The Benefits of Small Area Games 991 kB
USA Hockey Small Area Game Drill Manual 26273 kB
USA Hockey Small Area Games Manual 6158 kB

Practice Plans

Practice Plans
File Size
08U Practice Plans 724 kB
10U Practice Plans 834 kB
12U Practice Plans 1831 kB

Information From The Minnesota Amateur Hockey Association

  1. Visit their website
  2. Click on Coaches/Officials at the top
  3. Click on Coaching Resources
  4. Click on Articles

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