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General FAQ

What organization operates this facility?
Holladay Lions Recreation Center is a public facility and is owned and operated by Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation.  Please see contact information to reach the Facility Administration.
Is there a connection with the Lions Club and do I have to be a member to visit the facility?

The Holladay Lions Recreation Facility is owned and operated by Salt Lake County.   The Holladay Lions Club donated funds to help construct the original phase of the Holladay Lions Recreation Zap I Facility.  The Lions Club has been a huge support to this facility and its community.

The Holladay Lions Recreation Center is public facility and any member of the public is welcome to visit the facility and enjoy its programs and amenities.  A variety of pass fee options, programs and classes are available to all ages.

What types of employment are available and how do I apply?

Holladay Lions requires many positions to keep the facility and all of its program running.  Visit Jobs to apply.

  • Customer Service Representatives / Front Desk / Building Attendants
  • Fitness Attendants
  • Lifeguards
  • Swim Instructors
  • Swim Coaches
  • Youth Sports Specialists
  • Youth Sports Officials and Site Supervisors
  • Class Instructors & Personal Trainer (Class instructors are independent contractors are procured through an RFP process.  Instructors / Trainers are professionals with appropriate qualifications / certifications for the specific class / instruction they teach.)
Do you have specific age restrictions for using your amenities?

Yes.  See below:

  • Facility/Gym: All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult (18 & over)
  • Hot Tub: Must be 18 years or older
  • Lap Swimming: Must be 15 years or older during open plunge hours only.  See lap schedule for more info.
  • Weights/Cardio: Must be 16 years or older
  • Track/upstairs: Must be 16 years or older (single strollers only allowed with parent – outside lane only)
  • Locker Rooms: Children 3 and over must use gender appropriate locker room
  • Indoor Pool: Children 6 & under must be within an arm’s reach of chaperon at least 14 years or older.  The chaperone MUST be in the water and in a swimsuit with the child
  • Diaper Policy: Children 3 & under must wear a commercial swim diaper and swim diaper cover.
Do you have lockers for rent?
No.  Lockers are for day use only.  Key/Wallet lockers are available and are free for all to use.  A key must be checked out from the customer service desk.
Do you offer Adaptive Programs?
Yes.  Salt Lake County offers multiple adaptive program opportunities.  Holladay Lions offers adaptive swim programs, Otters Swim Club and the Adaptive Swim Club.  Please contact Rebecca Barley @ (385) 468-1681 or visit the Adaptive Program website for more information and details.

Pools FAQ

At what age can children swim without a parent or responsible adult in the water with them?
A parent or responsible adult MUST accompany their child in the pool up until the age of six.
What ages require the use of a swim diaper?
Ages 2 and under must have a swim diaper AND a plastic, re-useable swim diaper cover - no exceptions.
Do you have an Outdoor Pool?
There is no outdoor pool attached to the facility, however Holladay Lions manages the Crestwood Outdoor Pool.   Crestwood is open Memorial Day – Labor Day weekend.
Do you have hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms?
Yes, Holladay Lions has one hot tub.  Please see Pool Information for more details.  Holladay Lions Recreation Center does not have a sauna or steam room.
Are Mermaid tails or other floatation / swim assist devices, toys (i.e. blow-up toys, diving sticks, balls) allowed in the pool?

Mermaid tails are not allowed nor are any other floatation and/or swim assist device that is not US Coast Guard approved.  Only marked coast guard approved life-jackets are allowed in the pool.  No inflatable arm-bands or inner-tube style devices. Inflatable toys, devices, or balls are not allowed.  Diving sticks/rings are allowed.

Fitness FAQ

How old do I have to be to use the fitness room?
16 years old.  *Any child ages 14 - 15 can use the weight room once they have taken our weight-room certification class.
Do you accept Silver Sneakers or Silver & Fit Members?
Yes.  Silver Sneaker and Silver & Fit Members receive an annual pass at no cost.  On your first visit, ask the customer service representative about these programs.  They will check to confirm you’re a current member of Silver & Fit and/or Silver Sneakers.  Once confirmed, you will need to complete a facility pass application and receive a facility key fob.  You will then be required to swipe your key fob upon each visit.
Who is the Plus One fitness pass for?
Anyone who has a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment which limits one or more major life activities.