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Payroll and Personnel FAQs

When do I get paid?

Salt Lake County operates on biweekly pay periods. Pay periods begin on a Sunday and end 2 weeks later on a Saturday.  Paychecks are issued the following Friday.  Check with your payroll coordinator for a pay period and pay check dates.  

How do I change my name?

Once you have received your new social security card, bring it to the HR Payroll staff for entry.

How do I change my address or phone number

You can change your address in PeopleSoft under Self Service > Personal Information

How do I get a copy of my personnel file?

Send a request to Debi Garlich.  If you are a current County employee this service is free, if not it the first 1/2 hour of work is free and then it is $25.00/hour and 25 cents per copy.  This must be paid prior to pick up of documents.

Can I send someone to pick up copies of my personnel file?

Only if they have legal authority to act on your behalf because the personnel file has personal information that may not be released to anyone but you.

How do I update my W-4?

Complete a new W-4 (forms can be located on the HR website under Human Resources/Forms/Payroll Forms) and submit it to your Payroll Coordinator

How do Iget copies of my W-2's for previous years?

You can veiw them in PeopleSoft under Self Service > Payroll and Compensation or send a request to Glenna Jennsen or Jo Ann Buechler.

How do I access my check stub?

You can view your pay check stub in PeopleSoft. Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck. 

Are temporary employees allowed to work overtime and get paid for it?

If a temporary employee works over 40 hours in a given week, they are entitled to overtime for that period.

Do I have to be a citizen to beable to work in the United States?

No, but you do have to prove eligibility to work in the United States by providing the appropriate documentation as outlined on the List of Acceptable Documents for the form I-9.

Do I have to come into HR to complete the new hire paperwork prior to starting work?

Due to the volume of new hires at any given time, it is the County policy that all new hire must complete their new hire paperwork prior to starting work.  This is done to ensure that we meet the federal guidelines which state a new hire/rehire must be E-VERIFIED within three days from the first day worked for pay.  The I-9 verfication must be done in person.

Do I have to complete the new hire paperwork again if I was terminated recently?

Once you have been terminated and removed from the County system, you must complete the new hire paperwork and E-VERIFY again.

What if I am a minor (under 18 years of age) and only have a birth certificate or social security card but no List B documents?

Bring one of your parents/guardians in with you and one of those original documents and you can be processed without the List B documents, but only if you are a minor.

What if I have the other documents on the List of Acceptable documents and I have a social security number but I do not know my social security number?

It is a requirement of the E-VERIFY system that you have a social security number, without it we can't process you, therefore you may not work.

Do I have to have a social security number to start work?

No you do not, but you must immediately go to the social security office and apply for one.  Once you receive your new card, you must bring it to the HR Payroll staff so that the E-VERIFY process can be completed.

Do you accept any reciepts such as a temporary dirver's license or a letter from the social security office?

E-VERIFY allows us to accept un-expired temporary driver’s licenses.  They only allow us to accept social security letter for those who have lost their card but not for those who are applying for the first time social security number.

Do I have to come back if I complete the for I-9 and one of the documents I used expired?

You only have to represent documents if the document used was a List A document such as authorization to work.

If I go to a training or meeting is that considered work and can I go to them piror to completing my new hire paperwork?

Any required attendance such as to meetings or trainings are considered work and you must complete the new hire paperwork prior to attending them.