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Insurance Benefits

Medical Insurance

Salt Lake County offers two medical networks, SelectHealth (IHC) and PEHP (non-IHC). Each network has two types of plans (Traditional PPO or High Deductible). The county pays the entire premium if you enroll in the HDHP plan and a significant portion of the Traditional plan's premium. 

Tips to Help You Achieve Mental Wellness Videos

Join Wellness Specialist Emily Yeates as she discusses common mental health issues and provides tips on how to overcome them.

Watch one or all of them!


Get more helpful information on mental health at the PEHP mental health care and resources page.



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Need an ID Card? Visit>Log in to "Account">My Benefits>Coverage & ID Card >View ID Card


Select Health logo 

Need an ID Card? Visit>Log in to "My Health">Insurance>Coverage > View
*Care Network is exclusively for those living outside Utah

SelectHealth Transparency in Coverage File


Dental Insurance

cigna logo

Once you have completed your enrollment and Cigna has received your elections, check out this video to learn about the CIGNA.COM, setting up your online account, finding a dentist and much more!

Salt Lake County_myCigna Dental Demo.mp4

You can obtain your ID number by calling 800-244-6224, or your provider can do that for you when you schedule your appointment.  Salt Lake County group number is 3341161 

Cigna Dental PPO offers a national network and competitive discounts.  Get the highest annual benefit and the lowest out-of-pocket cost by using a Cigna PPO Advantage provider.  When looking for a contracted provider, it's best to refer to the Cigna site or contact customer service.  Many dental providers will take Cigna insurance, but that doesn't mean they have actually contracted with Cigna. One way to ensure you're getting the best benefit is to ask your provider if they will accept Cigna Advantage payments as payment in full.  If the answer is "no", you know you could receive a better benefit from another provider.

Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Accounts (HSA/FSA)



HSA, FSA Quick Start Guides:

Health Savings Account (HSA) Quick Start Guide

Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Quick Start Guide

Limited Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Quick Start Guide

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Quick Start Guide




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Think of an HSA as a savings plan for health care you’ll need today, tomorrow and into the future. It works like a regular bank account, but you don’t pay federal income tax on the money you deposit. When you use your HSA money to pay for qualified medical expenses, you won’t pay income taxes on the money, either. You even build your savings into a nest egg for retirement.

Visit for more details!

Your 2022 Salt Lake County Health Savings Account Contribution should be on your January 14th (01/14/2022) Paycheck

$600.00 for Employee Only

$1,200.00 for Employee plus Dependent(s)

Register for a fast On-Demand Educational Session to help you maximize your HSA!

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Register for an On-Demand Webinar to help you maximize your HSA!

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Change the amount of your Health Savings Account (HSA) deduction anytime.

Step 1: Log into PeopleSoft

Step 2: Follow this path

Main Menu > Self Service > Benefits > HSA Deduction Update

Step 3: Choose the pay period you want the change to take affect.


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FSA allows you to pay for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses using pre-tax dollars. FSA plans come with precautions. You can elect up to $2,850 annually, and must substantiate your expenses with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits).  Flex funds are "use or lose" so ensure you've elected an amount you feel comfortable you can spend in the year.

A Dependent Daycare Spending Account (DCAP) is a great way to save tax dollars on daycare expenses for your qualified dependents. By using your DCAP you can elect pre-tax deductions of up to $5,000 annually per household.  

Limited Purpose Flex Spending (LFSA) allows additional tax savings for those enrolled in the HSA. You can contribute up to $2,850 to this account.  The LFSA is restricted to dental and vision expenses.

It's important to set up your ASI Flex account online at in order to receive important notifications from ASI.  

In many cases, ASI Flex will ask for documentation to substantiate a claim.  If you receive a request or notification that information is needed, please send appropriate documentation for the claim.  A claim form with an itemized receipt or an EOB from the provider which details the expense, and can be uploaded through your ASI Flex online account. 

Flex Spending Plans are regulated by the IRS, and you should keep your documentation for every expense. You are encouraged to set up an ASIFlex account about 10 days after you have made your enrollment elections.  This is the easiest way to upload claims, monitor your account balances, and receive important notifications from ASI Flex.

You can also email ASI with any questions at

Life, Short and Long Term Disability

ben_pehp life and accident

Salt Lake County offers group term life insurance through PEHP.  

All benefit eligible employees receive basic life insurance at the coverage level of $25,000 (up to age 70) at no cost.

You’ll receive an additional $50,000 Line-of-Duty Death Benefit and an additional $10,000 Accidental Death Benefit, subject to the provisions of PEHP Group Accidental Plan at no extra cost.

Enrollment in these plans is automatic. BUT, you must log in to PEHP and designate beneficiaries.

To enroll, change beneficiaries or apply for additional coverage, please visit

2022 PEHP Life & Accident Brochure with Rates


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New Short Term Disability Vendor started January 1st 2022

We’re here to help! Call the Benefits Team at 385-468-0580

Short Term Disability Claim Form

Employer section of above STDi Claim Form needs to be filled out by employee's supervisor or division's Human Resources Rep.  

Contact County Benefits with Questions  385-468-0580.

How To Register on

Your Guide to MetLife Disability Reporting

Short Term Disability FAQ

Short Term Disability Overview

MetLife STDi Benefit Plan Summary

MetLife is on your team.
Telephonic Reporting:
If you become and/or expect to be disabled due to an injury, sickness, or pregnancy or are absent
from work due to Family Medical Leave (FML) or any other type of company approved absence or leave,

MetLife will help make submitting a claim easier by offering disability claim filing by telephone!
Simply call MetLife at 1-866-729-9201 or log into the secure web portal at

Remember you also need to contact your supervisor to report your absence.

hartford logo.png

Long-Term Disability is offered to County employees and 100% of premium is paid by Salt Lake County. For more information or to apply for the program, contact The Hartford at 800-549-6514.

Hartford offers other benefits too!

Wellness Program
Salt Lake County offers a competitive benefits package which includes a wellness program for employees and their spouse or adult designee.  Visit HealthyLifestyles for ways to earn cash throughout the year, an additional cash contribution to your Health Savings Account (HSA), and more information.

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COBRA coverage is offered to employees who leave Salt Lake County because of voluntary resignation, retirement, or termination from the plan (due to divorce, age, or death of an employee). For more information about COBRA rates, coverage, or how to enroll, contact  ASI at 877-388-8331

Adult Designee Coverage

Salt Lake County offers coverage to a non-spouse or adult designee.  An adult designee can be your significant other to whom you are not married or a family member with whom you share a relationship.  In order to qualify, you and your designee must meet certain criteria which includes neither of you being married to someone else, over age 18, and joint expenses .  Remember, the IRS taxes an "imputed value" to this benefit, which will include an additional cost to your paycheck.  For more information please email or call 385-468-0580.

Imputed income is the taxable amount an employee is pays when adding an adult designee or the children of an adult designee to coverage.

Medicare & PEHP Medicare Supplement

If your most recent hire date is prior to December 31, 2012, you may be eligible for a county subsidy for the PEHP Medicare Supplement plan when you turn age 65. 

The Benefits Team is unable to give you advice about Medicare eligibility or coverage, but here are several resources.

Auto, Home and Renters



Farmer's Auto, Home and Renters Coverage with special employee discounts and paycheck deduction is now available for Salt Lake County employees!!

Talk to Local Agent Today

Dan Kasteler - 801-748-2900


Brian Myers - 435-239-8355

Main Customer Service Number

Call 800-438-6381 or visit

You’re eligible right now,

All you have to do is:
• Call Farmers GroupSelect and mention your discount code: A2O
• Receive your custom quote.