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HealthyMe: Insurance Benefits

Medical Insurance

Salt Lake County offers two networks (IHC or non-IHC) for medical insurance and two types of plans (Traditional PPO or High Deductible). The County also pays a significant portion of the premium for employees.  

2019 New Employee Benefit Guide

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Dental Insurance

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Cigna Dental will not send you a dental card in the mail. 

You can obtain your ID number by calling 800-244-6224, or your provider can do that for you when you schedule your appointment.  Salt Lake County group number is 3341161 

Cigna Dental PPO offers a national network and competitive discounts.  Get the highest annual benefit and the lowest out-of-pocket cost by using a Cigna PPO Advantage provider.

Dental Benefits

Access your card online

Cigna Providers

Cigna Dental:  How to find a Network Dentist

Cigna DPPO Guide

Cigna Oral Health Benefits

Cigna Cyber Security

Alcohol and your Oral Health

Stress on your Oral Health

Pre-taxed Spending Options like HSA and Flex

ben_optum logo 1 Salt Lake County offers a pro-rated cash contribution into your HSA along with free or reduced insurance premiums.   Within two payroll periods after enrollment, county contributes up to $600 for single coverage and up to $1,200 for family coverage.  In addition, you can earn up to an additional $225 Employee)/$550 (Employee +Spouse/Adult Designee) in contributions for participating in wellness activities such as a flu shot, your annual exam, and completing the Healthy Lifestyles PHA.  Remember, in order to receive the additional wellness incentives, you must be a HealthyLifestyles participant and consent to share your PHI (Protected Health Information).  



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Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) PowerPoint

FSA allows you to pay for qualified medical, dental and vision expenses using pre-tax dollars. FSA plans come with precautions. You can elect up to $2,700 annually, and need to substantiate  your expenses with an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) and the "use-or-lose" provision.

A Dependent Daycare Spending Account (DCAP) is a great way to save tax dollars on daycare expenses for your qualified dependents. By using your DCAP you can elect pre-tax deductions of up to $5,000 annually per household.  

Limited Purpose Flex Spending (LFSA) allows additional tax savings for those enrolled in the HSA. You can contribute up to $2,700 to this account.  The LFSA is restricted to dental and vision expenses only, and works best for those who know they have dental and/or vision cost in addition to their HSA contributions.

In many cases, ASI Flex will ask for documentation to substantiate a claim.  If you receive a request or notification that information is needed, please send appropriate documentation for the claim.  A claim form with an itemized receipt or an EOB from the provider which details the expense.  You can forward the documentation to:

Flex Spending Plans are regulated by the IRS, and you should keep your documentation for every expense.

Life and Disability Insurance

ben_pehp life and accident Group Term Life Insurance

Salt Lake County offers group term life insurance through PEHP.  To enroll, change beneficiaries or apply for additional coverage, please visit

ben_hartford Short-Term Disability

Salt Lake County offers Short-Term on a voluntary basis, where employees pay 100% of the premium.  For more information about enrollment, coverage, or how to file a claim, contact The Hartford at 800-549-6514 and reference Policy Number 402832

Long-Term Disability is offered to County employees and 100% of premium is paid by Salt Lake County. For more information or to apply for the program, contact The Hartford at 800-549-6514.

Hartford offers other benefits too!

Wellness Program

Salt Lake County offers a competitive benefits package which includes a wellness program for employees and their spouse or adult designee.  Visit HealthyLifestyles for ways to earn cash throughout the year, an additional cash contribution to your Health Savings Account (HSA), and more information.


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COBRA coverage is offered to employees who leave Salt Lake County because of voluntary resignation, retirement, or termination from the plan (due to divorce, age, or death of an employee). For more information about COBRA rates, coverage, or how to enroll, contact  ASI at 877-388-8331

Adult Designee Coverage

Salt Lake County offers coverage to a non-spouse or adult designee.  An adult designee can be your significant other to whom you are not married or a family member with whom you share a relationship.  In order to qualify, you and your designee must meet certain criteria which includes neither of you being married to someone else, over age 18, and joint expenses .  Remember, the IRS taxes an "imputed value" to this benefit, which will include an additional cost to your paycheck.  For more information please email or call 385-468-0580.

Imputed income is the taxable amount an employee is pays when adding an adult designee or the children of an adult designee to coverage.

Medicare & PEHP Medicare Supplement

If your most recent hire date is prior to December 31, 2012, you may be eligible for a county subsidy for the PEHP Medicare Supplement plan when you retire. 

The Benefits Team is unable to give you advice about Medicare eligibility or coverage, but here are several resources.