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Salt Lake County Logos

The following pages outline a few simple rules about our logo. Please take time to understand how the logo should be applied to ensure it always appears in a clear and consistent way.

Clear Space

Always maintain clear space around the Salt Lake County Logo to protect the logo from distracting graphics or typography.

Never allow typography or other elements to “invade” the logo.

Measure clear space by the height of the logo’s wordmark, shown as “x”

vertical space

horizontal space

Minimum Size

The logo should never be too small to read easily. Always consider viewing distance when sizing the logo—even on large banners and billboards. Please don’t reproduce the vertical logo smaller than 1/2 inch wide in print or 80 pixels on the web. The minimum size for the horizontal logo is 1 inch wide in print or 150 pixels on the web.


The Salt Lake County logo should appear in the standard two colors whenever possible. Acceptable one-color variations of the logo include: black, black and gray, or white.


maroon color swatch

Pantone® 208 C
C:33 M:98 Y:60 K:26
R:139 G:30 B:65
Hex: #8B1E41


gold color swatch

Pantone® 117 C
C:22 M:39 Y:100 K:2
R:204 G:152 B:0
Hex: #CC9800


Acceptable Color Variations

When the primary, authorized maroon and gold are not available, the logo may appear in one of three variations; black, black and gray, or white. No other color variations are acceptable.

black logo
Black and Grey
black and gray logo
white logo

Logos on a Background

The Salt Lake County logo may be printed on any solid color, screen of color, or photographic background that provides sufficient contrast for the logo to appear clearly and legibly. Only use a logo format with a transparent background on color backgrounds. Do not apply shadow or textured effects to the logo or the background.

white logo on dark color
White logo on dark color background

black logo on light background
Black logo on a light photographic background

black & gray logo on colored background
Black and grey on light color background

coloed logo on photographic background
Standard color logo on light photographic background

Logo Positioning

Always follow the clear space rule when positioning the Salt Lake County logo around the edges of a page or when you are combining it with other graphic elements.

The logo does not always have to live in corners or along edges, but care should be taken to create well balanced compositions.

logo position bottom left

logo position top right

logo position bottom right

logo position bottom center

logo position top center

logo position center

Please do not...

distored logo
Skew or Distort

rotated logo

wrong font on logo
Change the Font

rearringed logo
Rearrange elements

rescaled logo
Rescale Elements

recolored logo

screened logo
Screen or use transparency

white on light background logo
Use white on a light background

black on dark background logo
Use black on a dark background

Download Salt Lake County Logos