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Attend a Conference and Make Geography Great Again

Posted By SLCo Maps
March 16, 2017

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Most of us have been geographers all our lives whether or not we realize it. Those years before we began formally studying or working in the field have formed our basemap. Our basemap has some things we want, but it doesn't have everything we need. When we're active in geography (and life) we begin filling in the gaps on our basemap. We make the discipline better. We make each other better.

There's never a bad time to consider attending or contributing to a conference. Often our geographic work is constrained to a specific industry, geographic region; or both. Attending peer conferences encourages specialization without singularization which allows us to teach and learn from each other. Don't squirrel away your experience in an obscure geodatabase somewhere - share it with us. Let your experience be reflected on our basemap. 

As geographers, we're molded by our interactions with space and place. Our geography expands when we use our senses to gather information about our surroundings. Our geography evolves when we allow ourselves to consider our gathered information in the context of ourselves and our communities. Let's gather, let's evolve!  

Hope to see you there.