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Maps on the Hill 2017

Posted By SLCo Maps
January 26, 2017

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Salt Lake County GIS on the Hill 2017

Maps on the Hill  is an annual event sponsored by UGIC, and held during the Utah legislative session as a means for professional and student mapmakers in Utah to share their maps with elected officials and the public. On Wednesday, January 25threpresentatives from three Salt Lake County (SLCo) agencies participated in this year’s event.

Alex Rudowski, SLCo Public Works Flood Control Engineering presented WASATCH FRONT CYANOBACTERIA BLOOMS 2016 map. Communities along the Wasatch front will likely recall the summer of 2016 when environmental conditions produced toxic algal blooms throughout the region’s waterways. Warnings, issued at local and state levels, urged residents to stay out of the water and not to use impacted water for irrigation. Contact with high levels of cyanobacteria can result in sickness and even death. The figure below is a timeline illustrating cyanobacteria levels at sample sites and the corresponding risk posed to humans who come in contact with the bacteria.

algal bloom map



Casey Sledge, SLCo Recorder’s office presented a story map about AREAS IMPACTED BY THE HOUSING MARKET CRISIS – A Study of Parcels with a Notice of Default filed in Salt Lake County 2007 – 2010. When a property owner falls behind on their payments to a lender, the lender will typically file a document called a Notice of Default with the county Recorder. During the housing market crisis, the volume of these documents skyrocketed. By finding the parcels associated with defaults, we have created a map to determine the geographical areas most affected by the recession. What caused certain areas to be impacted more than others? If we can identify those factors, can we prevent future downward housing trends from having such a large effect?

housing map


Emily LaMunyon and Rachel Manko, SLCo Surveyor’s Office presented a story map about PROTECTING THE CENTRAL WASATCH – Mapping Current Canyon Initiatives in Salt Lake County. The Central Wasatch Mountains are the distinguishing feature of Salt Lake County. As the County’s million-plus population continues to grow, we must find balanced solutions that will preserve the watershed and ensure the Wasatch Mountains remain available for residents and visitors to enjoy. There are canyon initiatives coming this 2017 legislative session and the County Surveyor’s Office created a story map to help visualize and bring the supporting information into one place.

protecting the central wasatch map


For more information check out the Maps on the Hill Book 2017 or visit the Maps on the Hill  blogpost. 

Picture from right to left: Alex Rudowski (PW Flood Control Engineering), Rachel Manko (Surveyor’s Office), Emily LaMunyon (Surveyor’s Office), Phil Lanouette (Surveyor’s Office), Casey Sledge (Recorder's Office), Izabela Miller (Information Services).


maps on the hill group